How to get rid of the antennae above the upper lip

How to get rid of the antennae above the upper lip
Quite often, girls and women meet antennae above the upper lip. The reason for this can serve as an innate predisposition, and serious hormonal problems. But one thing is obvious: a woman is not born to be a proud bearer of a mustache, and with this cosmetic defect one must certainly struggle! What methods of combating hair above the lip have proven themselves, and which of them are effective?

If the problem of the whiskers is not only a barely noticeable cannon, and you have tough ones dark hair, then, of course, it is worth to see the doctor. The reason for this lack can be a hormonal failure, which does not bode well for the body as a whole. If the "problem" is detected by the endocrinologist, the doctor will prescribe a corrective medication treatment, и волосы will cease to grow by themselves.

Hair on the upper lip should never be shaved – this will lead to their increased and fierce growth, as well as possible darkening. If you do not want to pull out hairs, you can use soft depilation creams for sensitive skin. A gentle cream is applied over the top lip for a few minutes, and then carefully removed with a spatula. However, before applying this method, you should definitely do an allergy test, applying a little cream on the space around the elbow bend. If the skin reddened and began to itch, then, unfortunately, you will have to choose another method. Otherwise, instead of barely noticeable antennae on your face there will be a bright red strip.

Antennae, if there are not enough of them, you can gently pull out with tweezers. Also, in order to remove hair from the root, use special wax strips, after them the antennae will not grow 3-4 weeks. In stores you can find special strips of small size, designed specifically for removal volos on the face.

Laser hair removal – a radical, but quite justified way for those who dream of getting rid of hair forever. Do it better in special clinics and salons, but you may need several sessions. This method has one drawback – it can be used only by those who have dark hair, for fair-haired people it may be completely ineffective. The fact is that the laser acts on the hair and its root through melanin, a kind of "dye" of the hair.

For blonde girls Also there is a radical decision, and the name is photoepilation. It, like a laser, removes hair permanently, and acts on them with the help of a strong thermal effect.

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