How to get rid of tattooing

How to get rid of tattooing
Today, there are many ways to remove tattoos. The most popular of them: camouflage, surgical method, cryosurgery, mechanical method, tattoo removal, using a selective laser. The effectiveness of these methods depends on several parameters: the size, color, depth of the paint and the individual characteristics of the patient (age, wound healing speed and location to the formation of scars). Therefore, before choosing a method, it is important to carefully study them and choose the most optimal option.

Camouflage. This is the easiest way to reduce tattoo, но в данном случае сведения рисунка как такового нет. Суть данного метода заключается в том, что поверх old tattoo it is applied new with a color close to a shade of a skin. The result of this method does not always justify the expectations, because a bright picture can not be plausibly painted over, and the camouflaged skin area in any case will look unnatural. Therefore, camouflage is suitable only for pale tattoo small size.

Surgical method. Cutting is cutting the skin with a tattoo с последующим наложением швов. Поскольку вы не сможете узнать глубину залегания красителя, то и толщину срезанного участка также нельзя предугадать. Глубина проникновения зависит от красящего вещества. Например, тушь проникает довольно глубоко, а пигмент жженой резины, наоборот, лишь поверхностно. Наиболее глубокие татуировки делаются мастерами-любителями, в то время как профессионалы контролируют глубину проколов кожи. Иссечение – это довольно болезненная операция, поэтому ее проводят, применяя местную анестезию. Данный метод позволит за один сеанс избавиться от любой татуировки, но после нее неизбежно останутся шрамы.

Cryosurgery. In this method, deep freezing of tissues is used. Liquid nitrogen is applied on a tattoo with the help of a special tampon, as a result of the operation, the skin area swells strongly, becomes wet, and then within a few days is covered with a dry crust. After about a week, she will fall off. The disadvantage of this method is the scar, which eventually fades.

The mechanical method consists in the sequential removal of skin layers by means of special devices. The operation is performed under local amnesia. First, the doctors remove the epidermis, then all the underlying layers until the pigment is completely removed. The mechanical method makes the skin area extremely sensitive to any infections, so until the full recovery, the polished area will have to be kept practically sterile conditions.

Use of a selective laser. Such devices received name selective, because they selectively affect the dye, while not having a negative effect on the skin. To remove the tattoo can be used a variety of types of lasers, each of them is provided for specific colors. Using this method, you completely remove tattoo, не причинив коже какого-либо вреда.

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