How to get rid of stains on the face after acne

How to get rid of stains on the face after acne
After removing the pimple on the face often remain dark spots. They look very unaesthetic and spoil the appearance of a person. To eliminate them, you should use individually selected home products (for example, lemon) and pharmacy ointments, make special masks. In addition, you can use the services of beauticians. But in order.


Folk remedies for acne spots

Лучше всего для устранения пятнышек использовать средства, подобранные с учетом индивидуальных особенностей кожи человека, ее способности к восстановлению. Поскольку в домашних условиях подобрать такие очень сложно, стоит отдать предпочтение тем продуктам, которые всегда под рукой. Это может быть:

  1. Egg white, whipped with 2 st. spoons of lemon juice. Such a tool should be applied to the skin of the face at least 1 once a day, for 15 minutes.
  2. Сок из алоэ. Для его приготовления нужно взять 2-3 крупных листочка растения и положить в холодильник на 7 дней. Достать и прокрутить через мясорубку, отжать жидкость. Смочить в ней сухую салфетку и положить на лицо. Повторять подобную процедуру в течение 45-50 дней.
  3. Honey mixed with cinnamon at the rate of 1: 1. This tool should be applied and removed using a lump of cotton wool.
  4. Green clay powder with rosemary essential oil (1 spoon at 2-3 drops, respectively). Apply the mask for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Cucumber juice (1-2 spoon) mixed with 1 whipped egg whites. The agent is applied to the face in the 2-3 layer, walk so 20-40 minutes, wash off.

After using such a means, you need to wash with warm water. Use only baby soap. But it is better to do without it at all. If you want to know how to get rid of stains on the face after acne, remember: you can also do this with an aloe leaf. It must be cut in half and attached to the problem skin area at 30 minute. The same can be done with a regular lemon or fresh cucumber. To fix the result, it is necessary to periodically wash off the decoction made of parsley, rosemary, licorice, yarrow, or bearberry. It also brightens the skin well.

народные средства от пятен после прыщей

Medicinal preparations against stains on the face

From the point of view of official medicine, pigmentation after elimination of acne is a natural phenomenon. Since the affected skin contains an increased amount of keratin, leukocytes and subcutaneous fat. Doctors recommend to their patients to use such preparations as Badayaga 911, Kuriyozin, Sledotsid, salicylic-zinc or sintomycin ointment, hydrogen peroxide, fruit and salicylic acids to eliminate the consequences of acne. But, of course, use all these tools only after consulting with your doctor. Only he can tell how to apply them correctly.

Cosmetic procedures

If the spots on the face after the pimples are very dark or there are a lot of them, only salon procedures can help get rid of them. To solve the problem, you can do: chemical peeling (eliminates many skin defects), laser resurfacing (promotes rapid tissue repair), mesotherapy. Excellent treatment of post-sonic ultrasound. This procedure also removes all dead cells. Prices for all these types of treatment vary widely, so there is no point in pointing them out.

cosmetic procedures for removing acne spots

Preventing the appearance of spots after acne on the face

In order not to think how to get rid of spots after acne on the face, you should take preventive measures in advance. In particular, start eating only healthy food, drink at least 1,5 liters of clean water, walk in the fresh air, observe the regime of the day and actively engage in sports. Still it is required before each exit on street in a heat to put on a face skin the cream intended specially for protection from an ultraviolet. But squeezing out abscesses yourself, if you want to avoid unpleasant consequences, is strictly prohibited.

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