How to get rid of split ends

How to get rid of split ends
Every girl, of course, wants to have healthy and shiny hair. But even when everything seems to be fine – hair shines and shines, there is not the slightest hint of dandruff, yet there is often another, no less important problem – the ends of the strands are cut off. How can we get rid of it?

You will need
  • Шампуни, не содержащие в составе алкоголя, специальные маски для секущихся волос, репейное масло.
First of all you need to visit a hairdresser. He parallels hair, thereby saving you from splits ends. Но если вы боитесь, что пряди от этого потеряют в длине, тогда вам подойдет другой вариант удаления секущихся tipsa haircut with hot scissors. Even after the first procedure, the appearance of the head of hair will improve significantly. And if it is carried out regularly, then the hair will become more healthy. After all, heated to a certain temperature scissors as if sealed up volos, предохраняя его от вредных внешних воздействий и от потери питательных веществ.

Now we need to try to prevent the further emergence of split ends. To do this, you should comb your hair as rarely as possible, as frequent combing causes damage to the structure, causing the hair to begin to split. In addition, you never need to comb damp strands. Otherwise, you can loosen hair by stretching it. If your head of hair is very confused, then you need to divide it into small strands and very carefully untangle it hands. Do it better, starting with ends, gradually moving towards the roots. The best comb is wooden, with not very frequent teeth.

Not recommended walk with an uncovered head under the scorching sun. It dries the hair on a par with hair dryers, ploys and thermo-curlers. In the cold season and in strong winds it is undesirable to leave the hair loose. They are better to collect in the tail or делать other hairstyles.

Necessary use hair dryers only with cool air. Otherwise, the device will dry up your hair. They will become thinner, and therefore more fragile. Do not abuse the means of fixing the hairstyle.

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