How to get rid of self-tanning

How to get rid of self-tanning
Autosunburn can not always be picked up by color, but most often the coloring cream does not work smoothly. So there is an urgent need to quickly get rid of unnatural orange divorces from the face, body and hands.

With the hands of self-tanning can be wiped off with pumice stone. Carefully sand the palms, but do not overdo it. Wash your hands with soap and rub again with pumice stone. After several procedures, the palms will regain their natural appearance, but after that they should be abundantly nourished and moistened with cream.

Divorces on the face and body pumice rub is not recommended. For delicate body parts, use a mixture of lemon juice, soda and salt. You can add a little sour cream. Rub this face and body with this scrub. However, you can buy a cosmetic scrub, designed specifically for removal self-tanning.

Coping with orange dye on the skin helps hot bath and bath. Spa procedures supplement the rubbing with a hard washcloth and scrub. By the way, peeling of fruit acids is also quite suitable for excretion self-tanning.

Expensive and high-quality self-tanning can be difficult to remove. But you can also deal with it with the help of alcohol. With undiluted alcohol, moisten the cotton swab and rub the skin. Alcohol drains the skin, so after applying it, apply the cream to the bleached areas.

For sensitive skin, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice. It acts on the principle of alcohol, whitening the colored layer of the epidermis. The same effect has hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid. However, the latter should be used with extreme caution and only in diluted form, as it can leave burns.

Для сухой и тонкой кожи ни одно из средств, кроме специальных косметических, не подойдет. Однако для эксперимента можно воспользоваться нежным молочком для снятия макияжа. Эффект, кончено, будет не максимальным, но все же он будет – автозагар станет не так заметен.

If you have the time, be patient and wait 3-5 days. Daily take a shower, rub a washcloth, rub with a towel. Autosunburn pale, and through 1-2 a week from it will not remain a trace.

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