How to get rid of saggy cheeks

How to get rid of saggy cheeks
Women with age change the face shape and, unfortunately, not for the better. This is because gradually the muscles and skin lose elasticity. In young age sticks can hang out as a result of a sharp weight loss. But sometimes this is due to the flabbiness of the skin, which is inherited. But whatever the reasons for the deterioration of the face, you should not give up so simply: there is always the opportunity to adjust your appearance and look much younger.

Самый радикальный путь – это подтянуть кожу на щеках хирургическим путем. В настоящее время есть множество вариантов таких операций. Но этот способ лучше оставьте на тот случай, если никакие другие не помогают, поскольку всегда есть риск побочных последствий.

There is a so-called RF-technology, which is based on the effect of an electric field of high frequency on the dermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue. As a result of warming up these layers, collagen is more actively developed, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin is tightened.

In the beauty salon, you can do a face lifting or myostimulation, as well as apply collagen masks.

В настоящее время можно без труда найти в продаже самые различные крема, сыворотки и маски, которые считаются действенными для подтяжки кожи. Они не решают проблему полностью, но как вспомогательное средство могут сослужить хорошую службу. Старайтесь покупать продукты одной серии для усиления эффекта, но периодически их следует менять из-за возможного привыкания кожи.

Try to do an exercise every day to tighten the skin of the face: Standing or sitting straighten the spine and pull the neck, raise the head high and make very slow turns to the right and left. Repeat 20 times 3-5 times a day.

Sitting slowly put your head on your chest and tilt back. But this exercise is contraindicated in women with hypertension.

Place your elbows on the table and prop up your chin with your hands. Try to tilt your head forward and at the same time overcome the resistance of your hands. Repeat at least 15 times.

With light pressure, move the thumbs along the line of the lower jaw up to the ears. Exercise is done several times during the day.

The chin, nasolabial folds and the lower part of the cheeks can easily be beaten with fingertips.

Vigorously pat your chin with a towel pre-moistened in cold salt water.

In the morning and in the evening, wipe the face and neck with ice cubes made from the herbal extract – chamomile, St. John's wort, celandine, sage, mint, lime, etc. Once a week, do a contrast compress: for one minute 5, change the hot and cold napkin moistened in decoctions of herbs.

At least once a day, make a compress of iodized salt: in two glasses of water, dissolve three tablespoons of salt, soak a napkin or towel in this solution and apply for a couple of minutes. At the end of water procedures, wash and apply moisturizer.

Laugh more often. At this time on your face work around 80 muscle groups, which are strengthened, slightly smoothening wrinkles, and tighten the chin.

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