How to get rid of red spots from acne

How to get rid of red spots from acne
Very often, hormonal disorders are accompanied by the appearance of pimples (acne), the residual result of which are stable red spots. Rid of red spots from acne can thermal procedures (for example, paraffinotherapy), as well as therapeutic masks that have anti-inflammatory effect.

You will need
  • cosmetic paraffin
therapeutic действие основано на образовании thin film from the applied molten paraffin, which solidifies, protects the skin from the effects of heated to higher temperatures of other layers of paraffin. As a result, the effect on the diseased parts of the skin becomes more prolonged and promotes resorption of the infiltrate after pimples. After the course of treatment, there is an improvement in blood flow and lymph flow, an expansion of the ducts of the sweat and sebaceous glands, tissue metabolism increases, skin repair is faster.
Before the beginning procedures жирная кожа предварительно протирается ватой, смоченной смесью спирта с эфиром. Сухая кожа смазывается растительным oil (refined). The procedure is performed in the supine position on the back. Hair, neck and eyelids should be covered.

Далее разогретый до 50-52оС на водяной бане парафин наносится на лицо (кроме глаз, ноздрей и рта) плоской кистью последовательно в 2-3 слоя.

Поверх парафиновой маски накладывается transparent an oilcloth with slits for eyes, nose and mouth, then a layer of cotton wool is applied and the face is bandaged or covered with a towel for 20-30 minutes.

The paraffin is removed with a spatula.

Next, the skin is wiped with lotion and smeared with a nutritious cream.

The course of treatment is appointed every other day until 20 sessions and lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. The optimal time for paraffin therapy is two hours before bedtime. If paraffinotherapy is performed in the cosmetology room, then after the procedure you need to rest more than 30 minutes, and do not subject the skin to changes in temperature.

Anti-inflammatory masks, either ready-made cosmetic, or made from the juice of natural products (tomato juice, raw potato, apple) are also able to rid of red spots from acne. Наносятся они на лицо до 15-ти минут, затем смываются теплой водой.

Besides внешнего treatment is necessary to eliminate the cause of education eels, which subsequently leave red spots.

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