How to get rid of old stretch marks

How to get rid of old stretch marks
Stretch marks (or striae) occur when the skin loses its elasticity, is thinned and torn. First, the vessels are visible in the rupture zone, so fresh stretch marks have a purple-violet color. After six months they begin to narrow and paler, and in the place of ruptures a dense connective tissue is formed – scars. It is rather difficult to get rid of such striae. The older they are and deeper, the time for their treatment takes longer.

For removing stretch marks please contact the beauty salon. Cosmetology and medicine for this offer a number of procedures: microdermabrasion, mesotherapy and various peelings. The first of them is a polishing of the skin, as a result of which its renewal takes place. Stretch marks gradually lose color, become thinner and soon disappear at all.

Try chemical peeling. It is carried out with the help of mediated trichloroacetic or phenyl acids, which remove the upper scales of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, a natural tissue reducer. For the breast, glycol peeling or with fruit acids is used.

Ежедневно делайте массаж проблемных участков тела. Для этого приобретите натуральные растительные и эфирные масла. Их molecules can penetrate deep layers of the skin. Getting into the blood and lymphatic system, they activate blood circulation, enrich cells with nutrients and intensively moisturize the skin. Massage with oils contributes to the natural exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin without damaging it, as a result of which the own mechanisms of cell division are included.

Combine massage with seaweed wraps. During the procedure, a special composition is applied to the skin, based on natural algae. Then the body wraps in a thermo blanket for 30-50 minutes. Under the influence of temperature, useful substances are absorbed more quickly into the skin, mineralize and moisten it. Skin tone increases, and striae contract.

In the fight against stretch marks, proper care of problem skin is important. Use a special cream containing extracts of chamomile, horse chestnut, tea tree oil. Such components increase the elasticity of the skin, preventing possible rupture of the fibers. Also useful for the skin are vitamins A, C and E.

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