How to get rid of menstruation

How to get rid of menstruation
Monthly menstrual bleeding accompanies the fair sex during the entire period of puberty from adolescence to the onset of menopause. Sometimes a woman wants to push their arrival for at least a few days. The most frequent reason for this desire is a planned vacation by the sea.

Every month female матка готовится к возможному зачатию, ее стенки обрастают слоем эпителия, представляющим собою уютное гнездо для оплодотворенной яйцеклетки. Если оплодотворения не произошло, эпителиальные клетки отторгаются и выводятся из организма с некоторым количеством крови. У Women, перенесших полостную операцию по удалению репродуктивных органов, месячные прекращаются совсем.

Some girls in one's desire grow thin exhausting their body so that they have anorexia, menstruation does not appear for a year or longer, but this way of getting rid of monthly extremely dangerous for health, its consequences can be more than sad – from the inability to have children до летального исхода. Поэтому не нужно издеваться над собою, тем более, что отсрочить наступление кровотечения или вовсе пропустить одно из них можно более щадящим способом.

But do not try to play in independence, be sure to contact a gynecologist whom you trust. It is the doctor who can choose oral contraceptives, with which you can adjust your cycle. The contraceptive pill contains hormones that prevent conception and alter the structure of the uterine epithelium. After discontinuation of their admission, a woman has menstrual bleeding. Till woman drinks pills, her monthly will not come. But be sure to ask the doctor how you should take the contraceptive. Some drugs just start a new pack immediately after the end of the old one, while others (multiphase) may have to start not with the first tablet, but with some specific one, so as not to start a new cycle, but simply extend the old one. But remember: resort to this method should only be in an emergency and under the supervision of a doctor.
After completing a pack of pills, start a new one at once.

Есть еще один способ избавления от monthly for a long time without consequences for the body. Hormonal spiral Mirena has a double contraceptive effect. The amount of hormones released by her is so insignificant that even Miranda is prescribed to nursing women. But these hormones are quite enough for the contraceptive effect. Under their influence, the epithelium is practically not formed, the monthly ones become very short and sparse, and sometimes disappear altogether. The spiral can be in the body up to 5 years, the childbearing function in a woman is restored immediately after her removal.

Pregnancy can also be considered as an option to get rid of monthly. Monthly disappear immediately after conception, and are restored at times only a couple of years after the cessation of the breast вскармливания. And this is the only way to get rid of them, not contrary to human nature.

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