How to get rid of irritation of the armpits

How to get rid of irritation of the armpits
Increased sweating armpits, as well as allergic reactions to deodorants or depilation can lead to skin irritation, redness and itching. A scratching is fraught with the introduction of infection and the development of boils, which is very dangerous, because. in this area there are a lot of blood vessels and lymph nodes. So getting rid of the irritation of the skin of the armpits to maintain health is simply necessary.

You will need
  • – tincture of mint;
  • – tincture of sage;
  • – lemon juice.
The main condition for fighting irritation is personal hygiene. Every day, wash the armpits with mild detergents, especially during a hot period.

Buying deodorant, first check to see if it causes an allergy. If you have determined that the irritation is caused by some specific deodorant, replace it with another one. In the event that even this measure did not help you, you will have to abandon its use.

Некоторые крема, мази и гели содержат противоаллергенные компоненты, которые помогут снять раздражение, вызванное неприятием антиперспиранта.

Red spots in the area armpits can be removed by taking a bath with the addition of tinctures of mint or sage. And the itching is well removed by wiping with lemon juice or a weak solution of vinegar.

Sometimes to unpleasant sensations leads depilation. In this case, try to grease the skin with a decoction of chamomile before and after it. After shaving, wear loose clothing. It is desirable that it was made of natural materials.

Always use a sharp and clean razor for depilation. This procedure is best done in the evening, tk. in this case, you do not need to immediately use deodorant, which always in one way or another clogs the pores of the skin. After shaving, wipe the armpits with an alcohol-containing solution and powder powdered baby powder. Many recommend using for this purpose an ordinary baby cream with an extract of calendula or string.

Если предпринятые вами меры помогают плохо, и раздражение вас продолжает беспокоить, обратитесь к дерматологу. Возможно, самостоятельно вы не смогли установить правильную причину этого явления.

С целью уменьшения потоотделения применяют инъекции ботокса и лазерное разрушение потовых желез. Также существует методика липосакции в области подмышечных впадин при помощи лазера. Но, хотя эта процедура считается малотравматичной, следует предварительно посоветоваться с медиками.

Irritation in the armpits (severe itching and scratching) can occur with increased blood sugar. In this case, wash, creams, powders, etc. will have a negligible effect until the glucose level decreases. Therefore, consult an endocrinologist who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

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