How to get rid of irritation after shaving

How to get rid of irritation after shaving
Beautiful, smooth skin, velvet to the touch, gives a feeling of comfort and own irresistibility. Cosmetic procedures and means are able to turn a woman into a goddess. Unfortunately, after shaving quite often there is not absolutely comfortable sensation, and sometimes irritation on the skin.

Раздражение на skin that occurs after depilation, can spoil the best day. In order that it does not arise, when shaving, use foam that contains chamomile extract, coconut extract or other components that remove irritation. Before the procedure, soften the surface of the skin, taking a bath with broths of herbs, for example, the same chamomile.

Watch the status of the tools you use to conduct depilation. Лезвия на lathe must be sharp, otherwise they do not shave off the hairs, but they roughly coagulate the skin, causing irritation. A female electric shaver needs to be inspected regularly and replaced with a mesh, cleaned and lubricated with a trimmer.

Use machine tools with several blades. This eliminates the need to once again to the same place, and therefore, and reduces the interaction of the machine with the skin, reducing the possibility of irritations.

After shaving, apply body lotion. There are special means after shaving for women. They soften and soothe the surface of the skin, some of them are enriched with vitamins and bring a double benefit.

Отлично снимает раздражение холод. Некоторые электрические female razors in the kit have a special device in the form of a bag of gel, which should be put in the freezer for a while, and after depilation, apply to the treated surface.

In a dense plastic bag (in shops there are special pouches for making ice) pour the water and put it in the freezer in such a way that it is flat and oblong. When the ice is cold, wrap it in several layers in a soft cloth and apply it to irritated areas. Do not keep too long to not get too cold.

In order for the skin to be less prone to irritation, watch your diet, because the skin is a mirror of the body, its sensitivity can talk about the lack of vitamins. Eat more vegetables, fruits, you can add vitamin supplements or cocktails to the diet.

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