How to get rid of ingrown toenails?

How to get rid of ingrown toenails?
Onochryptosis (ingrown nail) Is an unpleasant and, unfortunately, very common disease, in which the edges of the nail plate grow into the skin of the finger. This leads to the development of the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by severe pain syndromes when walking. To quickly get rid of excruciating pain and prevent the occurrence of undesirable consequences, you need to immediately begin treatment.

You will need
  • – baking soda;
  • – potassium permanganate;
  • – a piece of thick paper;
  • – pedicure tweezers;
  • – ichthyol ointment;
  • – bandage;
  • – полиэтиленовый пакет;
  • – лист алоэ.
At the "early stage", when the nail is not yet grown much, 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes, make warm baths with a solution of baking soda and potassium permanganate. They will help soften the tissues of the finger and allow the corners of the growing nail to be removed. Put pieces of heavy paper under them and leave them on for at night, fixing with a bandage.

After this, make a small incision approximately in the middle on the projecting edge of the nail with the help of pedicure tweezers. Such incisions are recommended to be done during each haircut nails. This will help restore the curvature and flexibility, as well as prevent ingrowth into the skin.

If ingrown nail caused the appearance of pus, for treatment it is necessary to apply therapeutic ointments. Take a piece of bandage and fold it several times. Apply to it a small amount of ichthyol ointment, it will draw pus and help prevent the development of infection. Wrap your finger with a bandage, and top with a plastic bag. Wear socks to keep the bandage on your leg better. Do this procedure before going to bed, and untie the bandage in the morning, gently trim the edge of the nail and re-bandage.

Чтобы вылечить вросший ноготь, можно воспользоваться рецептом народной медицины. Возьмите лист алоэ и очистите его от верхней кожицы. Приложите к больному участку пальца и перевяжите бинтом. Когда боль спадет, обрежьте край ногтя и проделайте процедуру снова.

The most correct will be an appeal to the surgeon. He removes the nail, clears the finger of the pus and treats it with anesthetics. After the nail is removed, you will need to go to the dressings daily, which are carried out until the full recovery and the growth of a new nail plate.

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