How to get rid of ingrown hairs

How to get rid of ingrown hairs
Problem ingrowth volos is unpleasant both from the aesthetic and from the physical point of view. Dark voloski clearly do not adorn the body, but also greatly irritate the skin. Can I completely get rid of them?

You will need
  • – tweezers
  • – a needle
  • – alcohol
  • – cotton wheels
  • – ромашковый настой
  • – cosmetical tools
Every time during a home shaving machine or waxing hair removal you do not completely remove voloss, but only cut off their upper part, keeping the bulb. As they grow, they can not penetrate the skin and curl inward. As a result, there is itching and irritation, sometimes around volosThere are pustular accumulations of a distinct follicle. If you are faced with this problem, the first thing to do is to change the method of epilation to a more sparing one.

Be sure to get in the pharmacy cosmetic creams, cooling gels and oils to prevent or get rid of ingrowth volos. Они успокаивают кожу, увлажняют ее, защищают от воспаления, замедляют рост voloskov. It is desirable to have at least two drugs that can be used before and after epilation. From time to time, do this procedure in the beauty salon, where you will be provided with professional skin care and disposal of the problem, for example, by laser hair removal.

Вы можете также удалить volosindependently in domestic conditions. Для этого нанесите на распаренную кожу скраб, помассируйте 1-2 мин., затем смойте его и обработайте руки, тонкую иголку, пинцет и участки ingrowth volos спиртом. Осторожно подденьте voloswith a needle and remove with tweezers. Then again disinfect the skin and attach to it an ice bag or a cotton pad moistened with a slightly warm chamomile infusion. Do not volosы ногтями и постарайтесь не травмировать кожу иголкой, так как велика вероятность занесения инфекции. Этот способ подойдет для неглубоко вросших volos, otherwise it would be wiser and safer to go to the beauty salon.

For prevention use weekly peeling. This procedure removes the upper dead skin particles, which opens volosku way for normal vertical growth. The duration of peeling should not exceed the time specified in the previous step, the frequency – no more than 2 once a week. Before the procedure, warm up the skin with a hot shower. Do not use a scrub if it has inflamed white dots and small pimples.

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