How to get rid of holes on the face

How to get rid of holes on the face
Expanded pores are formed in people with oily skin, as there are dimples after the acne. Sometimes the pores expand so much that the surface of the skin takes the form of a mountain relief with hollows and elevations. Narrow pores can be in various ways. The main thing is the regularity of procedures, and not the cost of the funds used.

The most important thing for the skin is cleansing. This is especially true of people with enhanced pores. Wash twice a day means, which narrows the pores. Or after washing with a normal soap, rinse your face with water with lemon juice (1 h spoon for 500 ml of water). After cleansing, wipe the face with lotion with salicylic acid.

Делайте маску из глины. Добавляйте в глину немного эфирного масла и наносите это средство на кожу на 10-15 минут. Масло подойдет любое, но особый эффект наблюдается при использовании масла чайного дерева. После маски ополосните лицо водой с лимонным соком и нанесите увлажняющий (не питательный) крем.

Well helps to narrow the pores and the next remedy. Mix in equal parts honey and ground cinnamon, apply the received mass to the face and leave to work on 7-10 minutes. Rinse skin thoroughly, and to enhance the effect, you can make a mask of fresh cucumbers.

If the pores are sufficiently wide, buy a cream for the treatment of colloid scars in any pharmacies. Наносите его ежедневно перед сном. Постепенно поры начнут сужаться, кожа выравниваться, а цвет лица улучшаться. Но при этом не забывайте и о других очищающих процедурах.

Use regular scrubs to clean the pores. Apply the product to the damp cleansed skin and massage thoroughly. Also, you can replace the use of scrub microdermabrasion. In the facility for микродермабразии contain acids and special form of abrasive particles. But делать This procedure is possible only at a time when the sun is inactive (in winter and early spring), otherwise they can form dark spots.

When nothing helps, and you just dream of even skin, visit the cosmetology room. The specialist will examine the general condition of the skin and choose the best suitable polishing option – this the most effective and a quick way to achieve the desired result.

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