How to get rid of hair permanently from the face

How to get rid of hair permanently from the face
If for men a beard can become a subject of style, and vegetation on the face is not considered something shameful, then for a woman, the hair on the face is a big problem, which is trying to get rid of all the forces. Remove the facial hair is not so difficult, if you know what techniques to use.

You will need
  • -pincette, tweezers;
  • – Laser hair removal;
  • -wax;
  • -electrolysis;
  • -double nettles and sunflower oil
Costly, but highly effective procedure – laser hair removal. Several laser sessions epilation can permanently rid you of unwanted vegetation on your face. The minus of this procedure is its high cost, and also that there is a certain risk that hair will appear again after a while.

Если вы хотите избавиться от редких волосков, используйте проверенный метод, которым вы пользуетесь, корректируя eyebrows – pluck out hairs tweezers or tweezers. This method is painful, but it removes hair qualitatively and for a long time, а также не требует дополнительных финансовых затрат.

Also, you can remove hair with the help of wax – despite the obvious soreness, this method is also quite effective.

Еще один простой и эффективный метод избавления от volos – their discoloration. Dissolve in water 50% hydrogen peroxide, soak a cotton swab in it and wipe the hair that you want to discolor. If you repeat the procedure often, your hair will begin to thin out, break down and disappear altogether.

Кроме того, для удаления отдельных волосков на лице вы можете воспользоваться в косметологических салонах процедурой электролиза, который воздействием тока уничтожает hair follicles.

In the face area, hair can be removed with the help of ultrasonic hair removal, which is carried out in two stages – after wax epilation, the skin is applied to the skin, and then the skin is processed by ultrasound, which destroys the hair.

Photoepilation, in contrast from ultrasonic, works differently – hair is destroyed, thanks to powerful light radiation. This method is expensive, but safe, and not suitable для очень светлых волос. Используя фотоэпиляцию, за несколько процедур вы можете избавиться от волос на лице на долгие годы.

Удалить волосы на лице можно и с помощью народных средств. Разотрите 40 г семян двудомной крапивы и настаивайте их в 100 г подсолнечного масла два of the month. Rub the resulting oily infusion with those places that need to be rid of hair.

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