How to get rid of hair on the stomach

How to get rid of hair on the stomach
Every girl dreams of an ideal belly. To be flat, elastic, with "cubes" … Also the ideal stomach is a smooth stomach. How to get rid of hair on the stomach?

Difficulties this issue can cause because it is unclear to which part of the body can "carry" the stomach and hairs on it? Means for the feet will be too rough, for bikini too soft. The razor also does not work, because to have a "hedgehog" on abdomen because of overgrown hair is not too pleasant.
Method 1.
If the hair на животе немного и они тонкие, осветлите их. Как правило, такая процедура не занимает много времени, а эффект держится две-три недели (в зависимости от того, насколько быстро растут у вас hair).
To lighten hair it is possible supra, hydrogen peroxide or a special cream for clarification.

Method 2.
Also suitable in the case if the hair is small and they are rare. To get rid of unwanted vegetation, use a depilation cream. It is better to choose the one that is intended for hair removal in bikini zone – It acts softer.

Method 3.
For the strong in spirit. If the hair is hard, it is better to use a depilator. The procedure is not pleasant, of course, but it eliminates unwanted hair for a long time.
Before "torture" you can drink an anesthetic pill to slightly reduce discomfort.

Method 4.
An alternative to the epilator is hot wax or shugaring. To use hot wax, you will need to wax, and for shugaring – purchased or cooked in domestic conditions mixture.
Pros – smooth skin up to 4-x weeks, you can choose wax and a mixture for shugaring with courtship components.
Cons – this is a rather painful procedure.

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