How to get rid of hair on the body forever by folk remedies

How to get rid of hair on the body forever by folk remedies
If your body has unwanted hairs and you want to get rid of them, you can use modern means, such as depilatory creams, photoepilation, laser hair removal and others. But not all methods do not allow to solve the problem forever. You can try to appeal to folk remedies.

Use pine nuts. Take a fresh shell of pine nut, briefly brew it in hot water and leave for half an hour. Apply the mixture you have on your skin in places of unwanted hair growth, then rinse with plenty of warm water. Repeat this procedure several times, and you will soon begin to notice that the amount of hair is noticeably reduced. In a few weeks, it will be seen that the hair has completely disappeared. This method is the easiest, most common and safe in the range of folk remedies. Also, instead of the shell of pine nuts, you can use a hard shell of walnut.

Use the seeds of the nettle. Collect about 40 grams of seeds, pound them in a container and fill with sunflower oil in an amount of 100 ml. Put the resulting mixture in a dark place for about two months. Strain and gently apply this mixture to areas of skin that require hair removal. If you use this method regularly, hair that hinders you less than a month later will disappear forever.

Take for a basis for the means you need green grapes. Squeeze juice out of it and apply to the skin. This method is very simple, suitable for all skin types, but has not very high efficiency. Also, the fresh juice of the green grapes helps the skin areas affected by psoriasis.

From unnecessary hair will help get rid of horse chestnut. Take one glass of horse chestnut fruit, peel, pour the fruits of 600 ml of boiling water and put on the fire, stirring. After the water evaporates, cool the resulting mass and apply it to a skin area that requires epilation.

Возьмите 5 г касторового масла, около 5 г нашатырного спирта, 2 г йода и 30 г спирта. Тщательно перемешайте данные ингредиенты и затем бережно нанесите на кожу. Данное средство весьма эффективно, если применять его не менее 2 раз в день.

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