How to get rid of hair in the bikini zone forever

How to get rid of hair in the bikini zone forever
One of the most delicate procedures is hair removal in area bikini. To remove unwanted volos At home, such familiar means as cold wax, epilator, tweezers are used. However, they only give a temporary result, and only salon procedures are able to permanently rid themselves of hair: electro-or photo-epilation, laser hair removal.

At electroepilation unwanted hairs are removed by means of an electric pulse. The master introduces a special thin needle into the hair pouch and starts a weak discharge of electricity, which also kills the hair follicle. After this procedure, small crusts form on the surface of the skin, which heal completely within 1-2 weeks. The disadvantage of this method is its soreness. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, it is better to conduct electroepilation under local anesthesia. Also, after the procedure, complications can occur in the form of micro-burns, swelling, skin pigmentation. However, this method is most effective in combating excess vegetation.

Also permanently get rid of hair in bikini zone можно при помощи фотоэпиляции. Этот метод основывается на удалении волоса под одновременным воздействием света и тепла. Однако для того чтобы надолго забыть о нежелательных волосах, необходимо пройти не менее десяти сеансов фотоэпиляции. Интервал между процедурами должен быть достаточно большим – от двух до трех месяцев. К недостаткам этого метода можно отнести его болезненность и появление покраснений на коже, которые, впрочем, проходят через несколько дней. Фотоэпиляцию не рекомендуется делать женщинам со светлыми или рыжими волосами, так как процедура не даст должного результата. Также перед посещением косметолога не стоит загорать или ходить в солярий, чтобы избежать появления ожога.

Another effective method of hair removal in the zone bikini is laser hair removal. The hair follicle in this case is destroyed under the influence of heat, with the best result being achieved among women with dark hair and fair skin. After the end of the laser hair removal procedure, after a few days, hair will begin to fall out on their own, and this process will last about two weeks. The course consists of 3-4 procedures, the interval between which is 2-3 months. Each procedure of laser therapy lasts no more than 10 minutes, and after its termination on the skin there are no unpleasant consequences, besides, it is absolutely painless.

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