How to get rid of hair in girls on the face

How to get rid of hair in girls on the face
Beautiful thick hair – pride of any girls, but when hair grow not only on the head, but also on the Facial, then there is nothing to be proud of, because even barely noticeable tendrils can spoil the appearance. Get rid of vegetation on Facial there are several ways.

The most effective method of hair removal is hair removal, when hair follicle is removed along with hair. Epilation with wax. Buy in the store wax to remove hair. Heat the wax so that it melts, but was not hot. Apply a thin layer on the problem areas of the face, apply a napkin and smooth it. Wait until the wax completely freezes, then grasping the edge of the napkin, sharply pull it. The disadvantages of this method can be attributed to the fact that it is quite painful. Wash the infusion of chamomile and apply a moisturizer to the skin to soothe irritated skin.

Laser and photoepilation. Both procedures are almost painless and allow you to get rid of hair forever. Delete hair in such ways you can not only in beauty salons, but also at home, buying a device or renting it. Minus such procedures – high cost. If you still decide on such a purchase, you should approach the procedure with all caution. Carefully read the instructions to the device and follow it clearly. Before starting the hair removal, try a sensitivity test on a small area of ??the skin. The effect of such procedures is gradual, and it takes time to completely get rid of the hair.

Plucking is the most famous and cheapest method of hair removal, but also the most painful. Pull out hair it is better on small areas of the skin, after having wiped them with an ice cube. The forceps grab the hair at the root and sharply pull in the direction of growth. After plucking, apply a face cream to the skin.

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