How to get rid of gray hair in your hair

How to get rid of gray hair in your hair
In the female consciousness the appearance of the first gray hair equated to the sign of inexorably approaching old age. Unfortunately, the causes of the early gray hair not identified by scientific luminaries, there are suggestions that it is genetically determined.

You will need
  • Оттеночный шампунь, краска для волос, настойка красного перца, настойка шиповника.
To prevent gray hair include in the daily diet sesame, seaweed, black beans.

Rub in the roots of the hair tincture of red pepper on vodka, held in a dark place for three weeks. The course of rubbing is about two weeks, after which the hair will begin to darken.

Use the dogrose infusion on boiling water. Do not just rub the infusion into the scalp, but drink at least three times a day. Almost the same effect occurs if rubbed into the roots of cherry juice for 40-45 minutes before washing hair.

Folk remedies are not suitable for everyone because of their specifics. If it is impossible to prevent the emergence gray hair, it is worth learning stylists' opinion, how to hide it as much as possible.

The first gray hair will be successfully masked by shade shampoos, which should perfectly match your natural hair color. In addition to the shade, they will give the hair a chic shine. However, be careful with experiments, coloring agents for washing hair saturated with bright hues on gray hair will look, at least, unnaturally and rather provocatively.

If gray is the third part of your head of hair, the only way out is to resort to hair dyes. Although in professional beauty salons you will be offered several more methods of camouflage: highlighting, coloring, hair dyeing ступенями – от светлых оттенков к более темным.

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