How to get rid of freckles

How to get rid of freckles
Freckles – a charming addition to the image of a gentle and romantic girl. However, some owners of such intrusive specks are dissatisfied with their appearance, so they tend to get rid of freckles as soon as possible using the means available at home.

The process of the appearance of freckles (scientifically, these spots are called efelids) looks like this: with the advent of spring the sun becomes more active, as a result of which an enzyme, called tyrosine, is awakened in the skin. And it in turn activates melanocytes – cells containing melanin. If the pigment is distributed evenly over the skin, the body acquires a beautiful tan, otherwise pigmentation spots appear in the places of melanin accumulation, including freckles.

It is easier to prevent the appearance of freckles than to get rid of these annoying spots, so people prone to pigmentation should take care to protect their tender and sensitive skin from exposure to sunlight. For this purpose, sunscreen is applied to the skin. In addition, in the spring-summer period of time it is recommended to wear a hat with wide margins and sunglasses.

In the fight against freckles, you can use a cucumber mask, for the preparation of which you need to grate one cucumber and add to the resulting gruel 1 st.l. nutritious cream. The mixture is applied to the face for 20 minutes and then washed off. Or you can squeeze the juice from the cucumber and wipe the problem zone with this juice.

Effective means in the fight against ephelinides is a dandelion broth. To make it, you need to pour a glass of dry crushed roots of this plant 1 liter of boiling water and continue to cook the resulting mixture on low heat for 15 minutes, and after infusing 2 hours. After this time, the decoction is filtered and the skin is wiped.

To get rid of freckles, you can use a mixture consisting of water, lemon juice and table vinegar (these three components must be taken in equal amounts). If the skin is too dry, it is recommended to add a little glycerin to the prepared solution.

Parsley will help to get rid of annoying sunny spots. It is necessary to grind a bunch of green parsley, pour it with a liter of boiling water and insist 3 hours. After this, the infusion is filtered, cooled and rubbed twice a day.

In addition, you can reduce pigmentation by rubbing the skin with sour milk. If suddenly thereafter a slight burning sensation appears, apply a moisturizer.

Все проводимые в domestic conditions whitening procedures are recommended to be done in the evening, because immediately after them in the active sun, it is better not to go out. And, besides, the regularity of carrying out such cosmetic procedures is important, because in some cases the result will be visible only after a few weeks.

Give due credit and vitamin C: it promotes skin lightening, and therefore helps in the fight against the "kisses of the sun." Therefore, in the diet must be present foods rich in vitamin C (oranges, lemons, currants, parsley, etc.).

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