How to get rid of freckles on the shoulders

How to get rid of freckles on the shoulders
Freckles are small pigment spots from light to dark brown in shades of brown, which under the influence of the sun can not only darken, but also increase in quantity. And although rare golden round freckles give charm to their owner, but some young girls and boys they make complex.

You will need
  • – a lemon;
  • – grapefruit;
  • – a cucumber;
  • – strawberries;
  • – Strawberry;
  • – Currant;
  • – сок хрена;
  • – sour cream;
  • – parsley juice;
  • – honey;
  • – curdled milk;
  • – horseradish;
  • – oat flour;
  • – egg;
  • – vinegar;
  • onion juice.
Frequent rubbing of the shoulders with lobules of cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, as well as strawberries, strawberries, currant. On their basis, you can prepare a berry 30-minute mask: rub the mashed berries in an equal proportion and evenly put on your shoulders.

Sour cream mask – mix 1: 1 horseradish juice and sour cream and apply on shoulders. Instead of horseradish, you can add parsley juice. By the way, frequent wiping with decoction or parsley juice helps to lighten freckles.

Honey mask – mix in equal parts honey and crushed parsley with lemon juice in a blender and on the shoulders. Be careful when using lemon, since allergic reactions may occur.

Sour-milking wipes with whey, curdled milk, sour milk not only lighten the skin, but also saturate it with vitamins. If you support curdled milk to the thick, you can put it on your shoulders like a mask. Or to 60 ml of sour milk, add 30 g of oatmeal and 15 g of grated horseradish and apply evenly to the skin.

Egg mask – whisk the protein with lemon juice (15 ml) and brush the shoulders until completely dry. To this mask, you can add cucumber juice, onion gruel and a weak vinegar solution, apply on the skin for X minutes on 25, but in case of unpleasant sensations, immediately wash off.

Кроме масок, которые наносят только вечером, it is necessary to introduce into your diet products containing vitamin C, it is abundant in citrus fruits, kiwi, persimmons, apples, peaches, strawberries, black currants, raspberries, blackberries, melons, mountain ash, dogrose, sea buckthorn, cabbage, pepper, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beets, greens, sorrel, nettles, sauerkraut. Also, do not sunbathe for long in the sun, use sunscreen and, if possible, walk under the shade of the trees.

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