How to get rid of freckles at home

How to get rid of freckles at home
Today, a lot of folk remedies are known that will help make bright freckles paler or completely get rid of them. They are prepared very quickly and simply.

The brightest freckles are in red-haired people. Women who have freckles on their faces, most often try to get rid of them. To do this, they resort to different methods, but more often to the people. Since they are as safe and budgetary as possible.

1. It is useful to wash with sour milk or whey, as well as tincture of milk fungus, containing a very high concentration of lactic acid. It is she who helps to whiten pigmentation. You can still use a solution of lemon acid (half a teaspoon in half a cup of water).

2. Whitens face and parsley juice. The preparation is prepared as follows: chop parsley, pour hot water. When it cools down, drain it. Wash face with the solution received two to three times a day.

3. You can also whiten the skin with a mask of cucumbers. Cucumber cut into thin strips, put on face and cover with a small piece of thin cotton fabric. Minutes through twenty strips of cucumbers to remove, the skin wipe with a cotton pad, wash with water and grease with a fat cream. Then make a cold compress. To do this, a small piece of cloth from natural cotton soak in a slightly saline solution of cold water and cover your face for a few minutes.

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