How to get rid of early gray hair

How to get rid of early gray hair
The appearance of an early gray hair not always a sign of aging. Often this is just a manifestation of internal problems or deficiency of some substances responsible for the normal condition and pigmentation of the hair. And in spite of the fact that the former color does not return the already grayed strands, it is worth taking some measures to slow the process of further graying of hair.

Одной из основных причин поседения волос является недостаток в организме определенных витаминов и минеральных солей. Развившийся из-за их дефицита авитаминоз приводит к нарушению обмена веществ, эндокринным заболеваниям, которые в свою очередь также вызывают седину. Поэтому если нет желания ходить по врачам и с помощью невероятного количества дорогих анализов выяснять причину, попробуйте самостоятельно восстановить свой организм.

Start taking vitamins. Try to choose the best balanced complexes. However, in addition, take extra vitamins of group B. Among them there is one that can replace almost all coloring and cosmetic products. It is a vitamin B9 (folic acid), of which PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) is an integral part. Its deficiency is the main cause of hair loss. Entering the intestine, PABC promotes the production of vitamin B9, which produces this acid additionally. Such a complex process of mutual formation occurs only in the healthy intestine.

For the normal functioning of the digestive system, take care not only about quality, but also about the culture of nutrition. Make your diet varied. Eat more raw vegetables, eat enough fruit. That food is well split and fully absorbed, observe moderation in food, thoroughly chew every bit. To replenish the body with B vitamins, include in the daily menu the liver, sprouted wheat grains, yoghurt, coarse bread, legumes, cottage cheese, dill, oatmeal and buckwheat groats. Take brewer's yeast.

With the help of adequate nutrition and regular intake of vitamins (1-2 times a year), you can slow down the appearance gray hair. Solve the problem with already grayed hair can be with the use of dye cream paints or natural natural dyes.

A little bit differently it is with the early graying of hair, associated with heredity. In this case, it is not possible to avoid it. However, this is not an excuse not to take vitamins and observe the principles of healthy eating. Any coloring disturbs the structure of the hair and eventually makes them dry and dull. But the regular use of nutrients will compensate for the impact of an unfavorable factor.

Чтобы предупредить раннее поседение волос, избегайте негативных эмоций – страха, злости, зависти. В состоянии постоянного стресса и нервного напряжения происходит активное выведение многих витаминов и минеральных солей.

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