How to get rid of dry skin quickly and effectively

How to get rid of dry skin quickly and effectively
With the fact that the skin periodically becomes dry, many of us face. Most people have uncomfortable symptoms quickly, leaving no trace, and someone has to return to this problem again and again. The localization of dryness is different – the scalp, face, hands, feet, abdomen. It is logical that in this situation the question arises, how to get rid of the dryness of the skin quickly and effectively.


Почему кожа становится сухой

The reasons are different and it is necessary to solve the problem, starting from them. Consider the most common factors that cause dry skin and its increased sensitivity.

1) Insufficient amount of water.

Вода необходима всем живым организмам. Если ее не хватает, развиваются различные патологии. Первым сигналом, на который нужно обратить пристальное внимание, становится сухость кожи. Устранить проблему очень просто – нужно начать следить за количеством выпиваемой воды (обычной или минеральной без газа). Без учета чая, кофе, компотов, морсов, соков и супов организму для нормальной работы ежедневно требуется 2-2,5 л воды (если есть отеки и проблемы с почками – посоветуйтесь с врачом, возможно, так много воды вам пить не следует!).

лечение сухости кожи в домашних условиях

2) Lack of vitamins.

Many people in the period of beriberi (as a rule, in the spring), notice that the skin becomes dry. This is not a reason to puzzle how to deal with dry skin of the body at home. Solves the problem of a good vitamin and mineral complex. Usually a universal drug is sufficient for adults. If, in addition to dry skin, you have noticed the unsatisfactory state of hair and brittle nails, special emphasis should be placed on preparations containing iron. In addition, today many laboratories make a detailed blood test, showing which vitamin is not enough.

home skin care

3) Cold or hot.

Very often, dry skin is a reaction to frost, heat, wind. In this situation, special attention should be given to moisturizing the skin at home. Wand-help will be cosmetic products, selected and depending on the type of skin, and age. Creams, lotions, lotions, oils will be more effective if you periodically cleanse the skin before applying them, removing the keratinized and coarsened particles with the help of scrubs, peels, home-made masks.

dry skin on the body of the cause

4) Diseases.

In some situations, dry skin is a symptom of the disease: hypothyroidism, sarcoidosis, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, liver disease – the list is impressive. Be sure to complete a full medical examination, after which the doctor not only prescribes treatment, but also shares secrets, how to deal with the dryness of the body skin at home.

dry skin on the body causes what to do

Be most attentive to the body, listen to it, take the necessary preventive measures, then with health there will be no problems, and the skin will be moistened, elastic and beautiful.

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