How to get rid of dry feet skin

How to get rid of dry feet skin
Leather legs usually dry. This is especially noticeable in the winter, when you have to put on warmer things – pantyhose or pants. Often there are itching, a feeling of tightening, roughness and peeling – all this is due to inadequate blood circulation and a decrease in cell nutrition skin. To restore its health and protective functions, to make it supple and elastic, it is very important to choose the right care products.

If the peeling becomes noticeable, scales appear on the skin, pay attention to your shower gel. Change the remedy that you have always used for a product of the same brand, only with a moisturizing effect.

Try using shower cosmetics containing ceramides. They are an important component of the cell membrane. Their exposure to cells promotes their regeneration.

Get a foot care product with essential oils. The substances contained in it will have a healing effect on the irritated areas of the skin, contributing to the tightening of cracks. As is known, some essential oils have a bactericidal effect. At the same time, the skin is gently cleansed, and its surface receives additional moisturizing.

Start using specialized means for body care after a shower. For example, for additional moistening, mineral oils can be used. They will create an additional source of nutrients for the skin and will promote its hydration and healing.

Выбирайте косметические средства, способствующие восстановлению естественного липидного слоя. Это позволит сократить потерю влаги в клетках. Для чувствительной кожи, требующей особенно бережного ухода и склонной к аллергии, приобретайте детские увлажняющие средства.

Use such means as "Bepanten", "D-panthenol", etc. The active substance of these drugs is identical to pantheonic acid, which is found in virtually all tissues and cells of the body. Provide skin cells with building material for the restoration of the epidermis and the intake of nutrients.

Make warm baths with the addition of sea salt. Also help infusions of herbs: mint, chamomile, nettle, elderberry, psyllium, medicinal and muscatine sage, plantain, horsetail, etc. 2-3 st. Spoon the ground grass with a glass of boiling water. The resulting infusion add to the bath.

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