How to get rid of dry calluses on hands

How to get rid of dry calluses on hands
Dry calluses on hands are formed not so often. Typically, they are exposed to people who perform a large amount of physical work by hand. Such corns can cause a lot of inconvenience. Coping with a similar problem will help recipes of traditional medicine, the effect of which is no worse than from patented drugs.

You will need
  • -vegetable oil;
  • -propolis;
  • – husks of husks;
  • -Stained vinegar;
  • -aloe;
  • -cork lemon;
  • -milk;
  • -Party.
Before going to bed, apply vegetable oil to the affected area of ??the skin. In doing so, massage thoroughly and thoroughly, knead dry callus. Repeat this procedure daily, and the result will not be long in coming. A few days later, the callus softens and gradually disappears.

From propolis and fat prepare a kind of flat cake. Put it on a dry callus and evenly distribute it over the affected area of ??the skin.

Take the husk of the onion, put it in a jar and pour it with vinegar. Tightly close the neck of the compressor paper so that there is no air. Leave the solution in this state for two weeks. It should be stored at room temperature. After this matured period, the onion peel will be completely ready for use. Attach it to the affected area, first spreading a thick layer of fat around the corn or Vaseline, so as not to damage the thin surface of the skin. Leave this therapeutic pack overnight. When you wake up in the morning, first rasp the corn, and then scrape it off.

Существует эффективный рецепт с использованием лимонной корки. Распарьте мозоль и на ночь на проблемное место привяжите лимонную корку вместе с мякотью. Эти действия повторяйте на протяжении 2-3 дней. Затем медленно и осторожно отделите мозоль.

Take an aloe leaf. Wash it well, cut the spines around the edges and cut the leaf along. After that, put the fleshy side of the leaf on the corn and fix it with a sticking plaster. Leave this compress for a day. He will soften the corn to the very bottom. Thus, its removal will be easy and painless.

Use prunes to get rid of dry corn. Boil it in a hundred grams of milk for 15-20 minutes. Then get rid of the bones. And put the flesh to the corn. After completely cooling the compress, again take the hot prune and repeat the action. This procedure should be at least 10 times per day.

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