How to get rid of dandruff at home quickly and effectively

How to get rid of dandruff at home quickly and effectively
With prolonged exposure to unfavorable conditions and under the influence of various negative factors, the scalp undergoes changes that make it necessary to get rid of dandruff at home quickly and efficiently. There are many simple and effective ways to succeed in this business.


How to prevent dandruff at home

Rid of dandruff in the home conditions quickly and it is effective only if all the necessary conditions are met for this. First and foremost, it is important to take care of your hair and scalp properly. If your hair is prone to dandruff, chances are you wash your hair too often or use an unsuitable shampoo. It is not necessary to immediately buy an anti-dandruff remedy. First, try any drug with a gentle effect, for example, shampoo, which includes chamomile, aloe or hops.

To wash a head follows not more often 1-2 once a week, differently the skin will be overdried, and it will inevitably lead to formation of dandruff. If you need this more often, then you need to reduce the production of sebum. Reduce the number of fatty foods in your daily diet, drink more fluids, and avoid stress. If you often sweat, for example, during sports, it is best to make a shorter haircut so that the scalp breathes better.

Dandruff often occurs in the cold season. People prone to its appearance, it is not recommended for a long time to wear woolen or just dense headdresses. In addition, a lot depends on the temperature of the surrounding air: do not sit near the batteries, periodically ventilate the room.

How to get rid of dandruff quickly and effectively

Rid of dandruff in the home conditions Some popular means will help you quickly and effectively. The simplest and best known of them is the onion mask. For 1-1,5 hours before washing your head with shampoo, apply a mask of one tablespoon of freshly squeezed onion juice, a tablespoon of castor oil and two tablespoons of vodka. The procedure is best done no more than once a week. It cleans and strengthens the scalp well, preventing dandruff.

Another useful recipe against dandruff is a lemon decoction. Clean 4 lemon, pour a liter of water, bring to a boil, then brew 13-15 minutes and cool to room temperature. Rinse hair with this decoction once a week: in just a few procedures you can effectively and permanently get rid of dandruff.

If nothing helps, go to the head wash with a special shampoo against dandruff. It is best to use not widely advertised commercial, and pharmacy means: Nizoral, Sebozon, Mycosoril. They are more sparing and at the same time effective. Before moving on to one of these tools, consult a dermatologist.

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