How to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks

How to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks
To the culprits of appearance cellulite experts include female sex hormones and heredity. However, this does not prevent women from conducting a fierce struggle with this problem. The technique of getting rid of cellulite is pretty much, but you can get a visible result only if you approach it in a comprehensive manner.

Since any processes in the body in one way or another are related to the intake of nutrients, your first step in combating cellulite should be to revise the diet. Exclude strong spirits and sweet fizzy drinks, fatty and fried foods. Consumption of flour and sweet products should be kept to a minimum. All these excesses can be replaced by useful porridges, lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Try to drink at least two liters of water a day. It should be clean, boiled or filtered. Very good, if you use mineral table water without gas. Sweet juices and drinks, sold in stores, it is better to replace freshly squeezed fruit.

Strengthen the load on the muscles, forcing the work of those that are responsible for the condition and appearance of the buttocks. Good exercises with rope, climbing stairs, dancing, fast walking. If you have such an opportunity, at least a couple of times a week, visit the swimming pool. Even better is the gym, where a special set of exercises can be performed under the guidance of a qualified trainer.

At home several times a day it is useful to perform special exercises for the buttocks, straining and relaxing the muscles. Do not forget about squats and exercises such as "walking on the fifth point" and lifting the pelvis from the prone position.

Use good anti-cellulite creams, gels and scrubs. They, unfortunately, are not cheap, therefore are accessible far not to all and not everywhere, therefore it is possible to find to them replacement. For example, mix ground coffee beans and sea salt in equal proportions and add a shower gel to the mixture. Or make a home cream of sour cream and coffee grounds. Rasporytes in the shower and rub your home remedies in problematic places. Such sessions repeat two or three times a week.

Within three weeks after a day, take a relaxing bath with the addition of essential oils of grapefruit, orange, cypress, juniper, lemon, etc. You can add half a glass of red wine to the bath in addition to the aromatic oil.

Every day do массаж ягодиц. To do this, take a contrast shower and apply any available антицеллюлитное средство. Затем начните массаж по общей схеме: поглаживания, растирания, разминания, шлепки, щипковые движения, поглаживания и т.п.

Strengthen the massage effect you can special vacuum cans and massagers of various types that are on sale at the pharmacy. The main thing is to observe the regularity of their application in the buttock area.

Try to protect yourself from constant stress, tk. prolonged emotional stress promotes the accumulation of fat in the body. Completeness is accompanied by the formation of an "orange peel" on buttocks и hips.

Solve the problem with cellulite on the buttocks you will also help special underwear – pulling breeches or shorts. It is made by a special technology of three-layer material, which has both a compressive and massage effect, and also has the effect of a sauna. A long walk in such clothes is not allowed, but several hours a day will achieve good results. But pay attention: if you have gynecological or cardiovascular diseases, dermatitis or varicose veins, wear anti-cellulite pants it is impossible.

If you have money and desire, you can give preference to numerous salon ways of getting rid of cellulite. You can be offered not only the usual massages and wraps, but also hardware methods – ultrasound therapy, vibro-, press-, thermo- and mesotherapy, etc.

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