How to get rid of calluses on the buttocks

How to get rid of calluses on the buttocks
Sometimes in the bottom of the buttocks symmetrically located rough spots of cyanotic shade are found – this is nothing more than ordinary calluses. The phenomenon is not a rare, sometimes physical discomfort, and you can get rid of calluses on the buttocks at home.

The problem of calluses on the buttocks is quite common, despite the fact that little is said about it. As a rule, this cosmetic defect appears in people of lean build, in those who spend most of the day in a sitting position, in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. If the seat is hard, the fatty layer on the buttocks is thin, and the gluteal muscles are undeveloped, the pelvic bones, resting on the hard surface of the stool or bench, eventually form in the lower part of the buttocks unaesthetic rough large patches arranged symmetrically and having a gray with a cyanotic hue.

Thus, in the first place, it is necessary take care of comfort for the buttocks and get a small soft cushion or change the chair with a hard seat on a chair with a soft seat.

To get rid of the roughness on the skin, you can carry out special cleansing procedures. You can take baths with sea salt and soothing oils, taking a shower using special body scrubs. As a scrub, you can use finished products of industrial production or improvised means. For example, use a mixture of large salt and vegetable or cosmetic oil, salt with honey, coffee grounds with sugar, etc. Massaging the body with a scrub should pay special attention to problem areas. It is important not to overdo it, because thinning dry skin is easy to damage. After water procedures, dry the body with a towel and apply a nourishing, bleaching cream or cosmetic oil to the calluses with the addition of essential oil with bleaching properties. During the day, as necessary, you can rub the cream into problem areas of the skin as often as necessary and possible.

Perform daily simple exercisesto maintain the tone of the gluteal muscles. It will be enough to sit squats, which can be performed in several approaches throughout the day. You can perform 5 – 10 squats every hour, for example. For those with sedentary work, this exercise will be useful doubly: it will strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and will prevent the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.

Also, you must review your diet. Useful for the whole body and for the skin in particular, if at least 50% of the daily menu will make up fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds and nuts. In the warm season, fruits and berries should prevail, and in the cold season – seeds and nuts. Vegetables in fresh form, mainly local seasonal fruits, should be in the diet in equal quantities at any time of the year.

So, paying a little time every day to care for your body, watching your diet, you can prevent the appearance of such an unpleasant defect as calluses on the buttocks, as well as in a short time and by yourself to get rid of the already existing spots.

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