How to get rid of burrs

How to get rid of burrs
Burrs give the hands a non-aesthetic look: they are able to spoil even the most beautiful manicure. If you do not get rid of them in time, burrs can develop into paronychia – Acute inflammation of the okolonogtevogo roller.

You will need
  • – dishes;
  • – olive oil;
  • – water;
  • – Aloe leaf;
  • – An adhesive plaster;
  • – Calendula flowers;
  • – leaves of plantain;
  • – food film;
  • – gloves;
  • – Nourishing hand cream;
  • – Aromatic oil;
  • – Moisturizing hand cream;
  • – Almonds.
Pour into a bowl a glass of olive oil and heat it in a water bath to a comfortable temperature. Put your fingers in olive oil and hold 7-10 minutes. The recommended frequency of such procedures is 1-2 times a week. Olive oil not only helps to get rid of burrs, but also will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin of hands and nails.

Wash the aloe leaf under running water, then cut it into small pieces (the size of a finger) and attach it to the damaged surface of the finger. Fix the compress with a plaster and leave it for 10-12 hours (it's better to do this for the night).

Возьмите несколько листьев подорожника и жменю цветков календулы, промойте их, после просушите и тщательно измельчите. Потом получившуюся лечебную смесь нанесите на поврежденную поверхность кожи, а сверху оберните руки пищевой пленкой и оденьте хлопковые или шерстяные перчатки. Оставьте компресс на ночь, а утром смойте все теплой водой и нанесите на руки питательный крем.

In water at room temperature (1 L of water) add 1 st.l. olive oil and 4-5 drops of aromatic oil (tea tree, orange or bergamot). Prepared by this recipe, the cosmetic mixture has an antiseptic property, and also softens the cuticles perfectly. Put your hands in this solution and hold in it for 17-20 minutes. After dry, wipe them and apply a moisturizing hand cream.

Prepare almond cream for dry hands. To do this, take 35-40 g of peeled almonds and chop it in a blender until a powdery mass is obtained. Pour a glass of boiled water here, cooled to room temperature, and mix well. Rub this compound into the skin of your hands and leave the mask for 25-30 minutes.

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