How to get rid of bruises and abrasions

How to get rid of bruises and abrasions
Bruises and grazesы on the body – quite a frequent phenomenon in everyday life. You can get rid of this disease using proven recipes of traditional medicine. In doing so, be sure to visit a specialist. An experienced doctor, having studied the condition of the skin, will prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

You will need
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – iodine;
  • – раствор марганцовки;
  • – bandage;
  • – пластырь.
If the cutaneous covering of the body is not damaged, immediately apply ice to this area. Thus, the cold will instantly narrow the blood vessels, which will lead to a slowing of the blood supply to the site of impact. It is due to this procedure that a further bruise will not manifest itself so intensely. Apply ice systematically, intermittently. Cool the bruise no more than 15-20 minutes. Remember: the ice should be dry. To do this, keep it wrapped in a towel or bag.

On the second day after getting the bruise, proceed to warming up this area. By this procedure, you will achieve a gradual expansion of the vessels, which will result in resorption of even a minor hematoma.

При получении grazes процедуры с охлаждением и прогреванием не принесут никакого результата в регенерации тканей. В данном случае немедленно промойте рану, используя слабый раствор марганцовки или перекиси водорода. После этого заклейте ее медицинским пластырем со специальной марлевой подушечкой или забинтуйте. Таким образом, ранка начнет медленно затягиваться и боль быстро стихнет.

To accelerate the process of restoring the walls of blood vessels and tissues, use a fresh-water sponge. This tool will quickly rid your body of bruises. The bodyfish is sold in pharmacies in the form of a powder or ointment. This drug perfectly resolves infiltrates, which leads to a speedy recovery.

For self-preparation of the product on the basis of water sprays, dilute a small amount of the powder with hydrogen peroxide until the consistency of gruel is obtained. Apply this mixture to the affected area. Remember: the ointment on the basis of water spray is applied with light movements, to avoid the appearance of skin irritation. After 15-20 minutes, rinse the remnants of the product with warm water. After that, apply a nourishing cream to the skin. Perform this procedure 1-2 times a day.

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