How to get rid of brittle hair

How to get rid of brittle hair
The causes of brittle hair can be several: frequent stress, poor nutrition, the use of unsuitable cosmetics, health problems. In any case, try to bring your hair in order.

You will need
  • -ампулы с витамином Е;
  • – henna and mustard oil;
  • – egg yolk and vegetable oil;
  • – birch tar, olive oil, vodka.
If you regularly do the styling, then try not to use the hair dryer often or dry your hair to the end.

The shampoos you use should be appropriate for your hair type. If after you have washed the hair, they seem to you to the touch tough, then you need to change the tool.

Daily washing of the head makes hair brittle, as you regularly wash off from them a layer of natural lubricant necessary for protection. Therefore, moderate your cleanliness.

Откажитесь от использования любых средств для укладки до тех пор, пока состояние волос не улучшится.

Slightly warm up the coconut or almond oil. Apply it first to the roots of the hair and carefully rub into the scalp. Using a comb, spread evenly over the entire length. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Do not cover your head with polyethylene. After the procedure, wash the oil with shampoo.

Acquire vitamin A. In the pharmacy, add the contents of 8-10 capsules to the shampoo bottle. You can also use the vitamin to massage the scalp.

60 г хны и 250 мл горчичного масла тщательно перемешайте и доведите до кипения. После этого процедите смесь и один раз в неделю используйте для head massage or soaking hair. Apply about a quarter of an hour.

One egg yolk, mix with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Olive is the best. Apply on wet hair along the entire length and leave for an hour and a half. Then wash your head with shampoo and use conditioner.

Half a glass of olive oil mix with half a glass of birch tar and add 2 tablespoons of vodka. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator under the lid. Before you wash your hair, apply it to the roots of your hair. Cover your hair with polyethylene and leave for an hour. Then rinse with shampoo. Carry out a similar procedure once during the week.

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