How to get rid of bristles

How to get rid of bristles
There are many ways to get rid of stubble on the male face and the most common is shaving. To prevent this process from turning into an agonizing torture, and after it on the skin there were no cuts and irritations, take note of a few simple and effective recommendations.

How to shave properly to get rid of bristles

Before shaving, the face should be washed with warm water. If the process of eliminating the bristles usually gives you painful sensations, rasparette face. In the absence of hot water, you can use a shaving lotion that will soften the skin and hairs. To reduce soreness, it is better to use foam or shaving cream with the inscription "for sensitive skin". If your financial situation does not allow you to purchase these funds, you should give preference to cream and foam containing menthol. Such a substance will not only refresh the skin, but will also cause a slight numbness.

Shaving cream with a brush and foam with a hand. Thanks to a shaving, it becomes possible to have a closer contact of the cream with the skin. Foaming gels and foams do not touch her so well, and therefore to improve the "diffusion" it is necessary to steam out the face more thoroughly.

Лучше всего использовать кисточки для бритья, изготовленные из шерсти барсука. Изделия из свиной щетины являются более жесткими и способны вызывать раздражение кожи. Прежде чем применять помазок, его следует некоторое время подержать в горячей воде, чтобы щетина изделия стала более мягкой. Кисточки нужно периодически менять, так как со временем в них появляются микробы, которые в процессе бритья способны попадать в мелкие ранки на коже, вызывая тем самым воспаление.

To purchase a shaving machine, you should not spare money. In addition, it is not necessary, because of the economy, to shave as long as possible with the same blade. Shaving should begin with the cheeks. To avoid injury, shave the bristles in the direction of hair growth. In remote places, you need to do these actions in the opposite direction – against hair growth. In this case, it is especially important to carefully cover the treated area of ??the face with cream.

Finally, you should shave your chin and place near your lips. Here are the most sensitive areas of the skin. Lastly, they need to be shaved in order to prolong the effect of the foam or shaving cream. When a cut occurs, you can cover the wound with a small piece of sterile cotton or gauze. However, do not forget to remove it before leaving home.

How to get rid of bristles for good

If you suffer from periodic inflammation on the face, or you are just too lazy to shave every day, you can go to the beauty salon where you will get laser hair removal.

After such a procedure, the amount of vegetation will decrease significantly, and after several sessions the hairs will completely disappear. And this hair removal does not mean that other masculine signs will be lost. Hair on the chest, legs and back, rough voice, potency – all this will remain with you.

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