How to get rid of body hair folk method

How to get rid of body hair folk method
If your body there are undesirable volosы, and you want to get rid of them, you can use some modern methods. But frequent shaving of the legs is not the best option, as irritations are formed, and over time, hair begins to grow faster. Epilators, wax strips are often ineffective and can also cause irritation. In this case, one can turn to folk methods.

You will need
  • – лимонная кислота
  • – 200 g sugar
  • – water
  • – rivanol solution
  • – 2 Iodine
  • – 30 g of alcohol
  • – 5 гр нашатырного спирта
  • – 5 g castor oil
  • – 2 ст л тертой скорлупы грецких орехов
  • – 2 tbsp peppermint
Hair loss on hands и legsFor this you will need citric acid and 200 gram of sugar. Pour citric acid into the sugar and add 4 tablespoons of water. Put it all on a slow fire and cook until you get a pasty compound. The resulting composition, apply a thin layer to all of your problem areas. When all the layers become dry, take them off sharply.

Hair loss on the face. Hair growing on the face can not be removed, due to the fact that their growth will be greater. To get rid of them, take a solution of rivanol in the ratio 1: 1000, apply it on a cotton swab and then every day they wipe unwanted hairs. After a while you will not remember that they do grew on your face.

Одним из эффективных способов избавиться от волос на теле вам поможет состав из 2 грамм йода, 30 грамм спирта, 5 грамм нашатырного спирта и касторового масла. Все ингредиенты тщательно перемешайте и нанесите на кожу на несколько минут. Данную процедуру проводите 2 раза в сутки.

Also from excess hair you will get rid of walnuts. 2 a glass of water, bring to a boil and pour 2 tablespoons of grated walnut shell, then simmer all over 15 minutes. Cool the resulting broth, and make from it compresses in all the problem areas. Repeat this need 3 times a day.

Peppermint tea significantly reduces Men hormones. Hair starts to grow much more slowly, and become not so rigid. Since ancient times, mint has been considered a female plant because in men она очень снижает их половое либидо. Возьмите 0.5 кипятка и 2 столовые ложки мяты, настаивайте все это около 40 минут. Пейте данную настойку в течении 3 месяцев по одной трети стакана 3 раза в день.

It is worth adding that to get rid of hair folk methods is quite possible, following these recommendations, but only after consulting a specialist. If you have too many unwanted hair, then you should see an endocrinologist, perhaps your excessive hairiness – это первый признак серьезного заболевания.

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