How to get rid of blue spots from acne

How to get rid of blue spots from acne
Ugly footprints from pimples appear on the face in the event that disinfection and proper treatment of inflammations have not been carried out. From the blue spots will help get rid of several proven procedures that are done in beauty salons or at home.

You will need
  • – Powder of the body water, hydrogen peroxide;
  • – green clay, rosemary oil;
  • – голубая глина и лимонный сок;
  • – tomato, starch, cucumber pulp.
Address to the dermatologist for diagnostics of defect, after survey treatment will be appointed or nominated and the doctor will prompt, how to get rid from the blue spots on the face. First of all, the doctor will take care of the pimples, and then will pick up a complex of procedures for eliminating the consequences, which is suitable for your skin individually. At home you can independently use regenerating lotions, ointments, apply whitening masks.

Избавиться от синих spots for pimples will help and in the beauty salon. Cosmetologists have a whole arsenal of procedures that allows you to quickly put your skin in order – these are various peelings and facial skin resurfacing, such as mesotherapy, laser face polishing, chemical peeling.

If the defects on the skin are minor, try to get rid of the blue ones spots for pimples independently, using folk remedies. The most effective is a mask of powder bodyguards, but it is suitable only for oily skin and is contraindicated for sensitive and dry, as well as damaged. Kashitsu from the bodyguard и перекиси водорода в пропорции 1:1 следует нанести на синие пятна от pimples, rinse with 5-10 minutes and grease with kefir to relieve redness. The procedure is very careful: avoid getting the mask on the mucous membranes and eyes, and protect your hands with rubber gloves.

Good effect in combating blue spots from pimples give masks of clay. Green clay with essential oil of rosemary or blue clay with lemon juice whiten the skin well and lighten the stains from pimples. To a gruel from any clay add a few drops of butter or juice, make masks 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes until complete disposal of the blue spots for pimples.

Lighten the stains on the face will help mask from the pulp of a tomato (1 tablespoon) and starch (1 teaspoon). After the procedure, wipe the face with a cucumber peel or for a few minutes apply the cucumber pulp to the blue spots.

In addition to cosmetic procedures, remember proper nutrition and abundant drinking. When making the menu, give preference to foods rich in fiber, vitamins and protein, avoid fatty, spicy, sweet food, forget about soda and fast food.

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