How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home

How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home
In adolescence and even more mature age, people often face the need to get rid of black spots on the nose at home. Clear and narrow the pores of the nose will help special procedures that you can easily spend at home.

Try to get rid of the black dots on the nose in domestic conditions with the help of steam baths. Boil a pot of water and keep your face above it for a few minutes. The distance should be such that steam does not burn, but it warms the pores and causes intense sweating. After steaming rinse your nose under water with soap. Look in the mirror and pay attention to the black dots. Try to gently squeeze each of them, squeezing the tips of your index fingers. At the end of the procedure, rinse your nose with cool water and treat with hydrogen peroxide.

To get rid of hard-to-remove black dots on the nose, use a special soap solution. Mix ordinary baby soap with a half-spoonful of soda and salt. Moisten the cotton pad in this mixture and wipe the skin of the nose in a circular motion, then rinse with cool water. Also noticeably diminish the black points will help the lemon juice. It should be diluted in equal parts with water and wipe the face once a day. In the same way, ascorbic acid acts.

Use special masks to cleanse the skin of the nose with a scrub effect. For example, you can dilute with warm milk crushed flakes of oatmeal, put on your nose and leave for a few minutes. Also try to apply a thin layer of honey on your skin, patting it. Good means with the same effect are a spoon of steamed rice, turmeric juice and coriander.

Use lightening masks to completely get rid of black dots on the nose at home. This will help to straighten the skin and rip even the smallest gums. Instead of a soapy foam for washing in the morning, use curdled milk or kefir. You can also mix two tablespoons of sour cream and salt. It cleanses and brightens the skin fresh tomato juice and potatoes.

To avoid the appearance of black dots on the nose in the future, fix the effect by tightening procedures that reduce the size of the pores. After each cleaning, treat the skin with whipped egg whites and disinfecting lotion from cucumber vodka and juice (1: 2). A good antiseptic is a spoon of tincture of calendula, diluted in a glass of mineral water.

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