How to get rid of black dots at home for 1 day

How to get rid of black dots at home for 1 day
Comedones can significantly worsen a woman's appearance. They appear as a result of blockage of the hair follicles on the skin of the face. To get rid of black points it is possible and at home even for 1 day.

The easiest, but quite effective way, is normal steam. To clean the face of black points, you need to boil in a pan of 1 a liter of clean water. You can make a decoction by adding to the liquid dried chamomile or a string. After the broth boils, you need to remove it from the fire. Keep your face at a moderate distance so as not to burn it. The duration of steaming is 5-10 min.

After the face is steamed, it is necessary to press the previously cleaned hands on the areas where the comedones are located. They should easily retire. The end of the treatment will be rinsing the face with a gentle cleanser to cleanse the facial skin.

A mask made of natural honey can help get rid of black spots in 1 day. The whole procedure will take no more than 5 min. But the effect of it will be staggering. For a mask from black points, 1 tablespoon of honey is required. It must be applied to pre-washed skin. The procedure itself is very similar in technique with honey massage. While honey does not begin to spread, it is necessary to gently pat your fingers. As a result, the skin will remove fat, slag, toxins and all the dirt that clogs the pores. The result is a smooth and clean skin.

One of the most popular ways to date is a black mask from black dots. The process is very simple. It is enough to buy a black mask in any cosmetics store and apply it, following the instructions exactly. But you can not spend money, but make a black mask at home from activated carbon and gelatin.

For the preparation of a black mask at home, it is necessary to take 1 a liter of clean water, 1 a tablet of ordinary activated carbon and 1 h l of gelatin. Coal must be crushed as much as possible. Mix it with gelatin and water until smooth. The resulting mixture should be slightly heated. Then you get the necessary density of the black mask.

Before applying it, you should thoroughly wash your face with as much warm water as possible. The mask should be applied, avoiding the line of hair growth, eyebrows and eye area. The mask should completely solidify on the skin. Only after that it can be removed, gently pulling from the edges.

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