How to get rid of beer belly

How to get rid of beer belly
As a result of the constant use of beer, a "beer belly" appears. It looks rather unaesthetic. In addition, fatty tissue from addiction to a foam drink increases not only in the abdominal region. Internal organs are also exposed to the formation of fatty deposits, this is fraught with the development of diseases. To get rid of these unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to exert a number of efforts.

Tune in to get rid of beer belly it is necessary primarily to preserve one's health. Prepare for the fact that you have to adhere to strict rules for at least six months. You will have to develop a motivation for yourself and strictly follow your decision.

Prohibit yourself to drink beer. This drink contains yeast, which increases and "loosen" the fatty tissue. If you are unable to do this at one time, cut the dose first by one-third, then – half. So it will be easier to give up finally.

If you are still drinking, observe the two rules. The first – never seize beer with chips, nuts or dried fish. They contain many calories and salt, which is retained in the body. The second – do not drink beer in the evening, when there is no physical activity. All calories will safely remain without consumption and will be stored in the form of fat.

You will have to go on a diet. Avoid extreme ways losing weight, otherwise instead of beer tummy вы станете обладателем «фартука» из обвисшей кожи. Она не способна к быстрому сокращению, поэтому процесс избавления от живота должен быть плавным и растянутым во времени.

Revise your daily diet and remove from it all that leads to excessive fat formation. These are flour and sweet dishes, fatty meat. Replace pasta and fried potatoes with vegetables. Those that can be eaten raw, do not heat-treat and eat in a natural way. Drink a day at least two liters of clean water, thereby you will promote the burning of fats and get rid of the general slagging of the body.

In addition to diet, for the full implementation of the program to get rid of the beer belly will require an active physical load. It consists of two components: training of the abdominal press and general active actions aimed at burning fat in the body as a whole. These are daily jogs, swimming, cycling crosses and any feasible types of loads for all muscle groups. Choose the most convenient for you species and give it at least one hour daily.

Качать пресс нужно в двух направлениях – верхнем и нижнем. В процессе выполнения упражнений соблюдайте правило: лучше сделать 10 «тяжелых» по нагрузке на мышцы упражнений, чем 100 «легких». Используйте в процессе тренировок гантели, гири или другие предметы для отягощения упражнений. Именно усиление нагрузки позволит превратиться вашему круглому животику в плоский, украшенный «кубиками» накаченных брюшных мышц.

Observe all the rules for getting rid of the beer belly and do not give yourself favors. In a few months you will get the desired result.

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