How to get rid of an unpleasant body odor

How to get rid of an unpleasant body odor
Unpleasant odor body causes sweat and bacteria. We can not completely eliminate the allocation of sweat, because we need to sweat. Thus, the body gets rid of harmful substances. However, with bacteria it is necessary to fight, there are many ways to fight.

You will need
  • поливидон–йод, дезодорант, хлорофилл, орехи, овощи, фрукты, вода, чайный гриб.
Эффективным средством против сильного smell body is any highly active antibacterial agent, for example, polyvidone-iodine. Apply to the area armpits and groin. Rinse thoroughly. The drug is a potent remedy, so make sure that it does not get into other areas of the skin. In addition, it dries the skin drastically.

Use regularly deodorants with antinerspirant action. Due to their effect, sweat secretion decreases, and the number of harmful bacteria decreases. Certainly, deodorants help to remove the smell of sweat, but the problem of sweat formation still remains.

As an internal deodorant можно использовать хлорофилл. Это эффективное вещество позволит fast escape от неприятного smell body. However, if you are not a supporter of food additives, consume more cabbage, spinach and other green leafy crops.

Unpleasant odor body, as a rule, appears when a large number of toxins are accumulated in the body. In this case it is necessary to carry out detoxification. Start correctly to eat. The main emphasis is on nuts, raw vegetables and fruits. Twice a week, eat only vegetables. Do not forget to take water procedures regularly.

Увеличьте потребление воды. Причем в воду добавляйте сок лимона. Известно, что именно лимон является лучшим природным deodorant and a cleaner.

From the unpleasant smell from legs or foots and from under axillas it is possible to get rid by means of the infusion of a tea mushroom. Take a shower. Moisten the cloth with infusion of the tea mushroom and wipe all the necessary places. The smell of sweat will become less tangible, and later month disappears altogether.

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