How to get rid of age spots

How to get rid of age spots
With age, the protective functions of the skin are significantly reduced, and because of the constant exposure to ultraviolet rays, pigmentary stains. This annoying cosmetic defect often gives out the true age of the woman and does not look very aesthetic. However, there are effective methods to control pigmented spots.

You will need
  • -cucumber;
  • -lemon juice;
  • -петрушка;
  • -дрожжи;
  • -касторовое масло.
At the initial stage of appearance on the skin pigmentary spots, you can try to fight them with the help of bleaching procedures. You will need a mask of cucumber pulp and rubbing with lemon juice and parsley mixed with milk.

Use also a yeast mask: mix 20 g of yeast with lemon or grapefruit juice, apply to the skin and hold 15-20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with cool water and apply a cream with vitamin B content.

Француженки используют для борьбы с возрастными пигментами пятнами обыкновенное касторовое масло. Просто протирайте пигментированную кожу ватным тампоном, смоченным в нем, и со временем пятно исчезнет. Но не ждите моментальных результатов: курс «лечения» касторкой, в зависимости от степени пигментации, может занять от двух месяцев до полугода.

All procedures for skin whitening should be done in the evening. Since getting on the skin of ultraviolet rays will bring to nothing all your efforts.

If your skin is prone to pigmentation, you should also use sunscreen and cosmetic products containing glycolic acid. This substance neutralizes lipofuscin, the excess of which contributes to the development of pigmentary spots.

Существуют и косметические салонные процедуры. Они более эффективны в борьбе с пигментными пятнами. К таким способам относится химический пилинг, фототерапия и лазерная шлифовка кожи.

The procedure of chemical peeling is the exfoliation of the surface layer of the skin with weak solutions of fruit acids. It is completely painless, but there may be redness of the skin or a slight burning sensation that lasts for two days. Laser resurfacing is the treatment of the skin surface by means of a laser. The skin becomes more smooth and supple. Phototherapy – removal of pigmentary spots with the help of a special device directed by impulsive light.

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