How to get rid of acne that does not go away for years

How to get rid of acne that does not go away for years
Clean, smooth, well-groomed skin is the dream of every girl. This is the most important criterion of female beauty. As a rule, from the appearance of acne suffer either young girls, or women of different ages in the premenstrual period. However, often there are unpleasant exceptions – when the girl is already far behind 20, and acne still one after another appear on the face. Stop this process under the power of each of us. I note, it's not about acne, it's about simple or subcutaneous pimples, which persistently pour out over the years.

The first thing you need to do is take a ticket in the clinic and take a blood test for hormones. A long-term problem with acne, in most cases, indicates a serious hormonal failure. This is a quick and free procedure. After the results of the tests, you will be given the medication you need and you will need to undergo this course of treatment. If the analysis did not show any problems, in that case, visit the gynecologist and ask to write out the contraceptive pills that suit you. After the first month of taking any hormonal medications (prescribed to you), you will notice a striking improvement in the skin condition. Moreover, such treatment helps to resolve problems with weight – excess weight gradually goes away, and excessive excess, on the contrary, is added.

Do not touch acne and skin ever and under any pretext other than face care. We must take this very seriously. Perhaps this is the most important point. No pimple, no black dot should be squeezed out by hand in Home conditions. This should only be handled by qualified specialists and only when the pimples cease to be chronic. One squeezed pimple or torn crust with a withered pimple will surely lead to the spread of the infection and the appearance of five new acne on your face. If there is a steady habit of touching the face and inflammation, keep this prohibition in your head constantly and pull yourself back every time you touch your face. Soon you will get rid of this habit.

During the time when you are at home and before going to bed, pinpoint the zinc paste (not the ointment, namely the paste) on all the acne. Update it from time to time. Let it spend hours on inflammation. This should be done every day, as soon as you come home and every night before going to bed. Zinc paste is guaranteed to treat both normal and subcutaneous acne. Firstly, it generally cleanses the skin, and secondly, the paste on the face relieves maniacal desire to squeeze out a fresh pimple and allows it to dry out or to come to naught.

Of course, daily morning and evening care should remain traditional, according to your skin type: cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Because the skin should be perfectly cleaned of dirt and moistened every day, no matter what the circumstances. A very important point: if you want to really get rid of inflammations forever, categorically refuse any mechanical damage to the skin. During treatment for acne, under any pretext, do not use scrubs, even the most mild; do not squeeze out any black point (you can only massage the nose with a scrub or soda to gently clean it, or draw out black dots with clay masks and then narrow the pores, rinsing the face with ice water); Do not go to salon cleansers and peelings, as it is guaranteed to spread the infection even more and the entire effect of the treatment and your efforts will definitely come to naught. Not every cosmetologist will tell you about this, as for many it's just a business. Take care of yourself – be patient until complete recovery and then you can begin to carefully use the scrubs and visit the necessary cleansing your skin.

A very significant moment is sexual life. Of course, with a reliable partner in terms of health. Regular intimate affinity transforms comprehensively and, in particular, surprisingly well affects the condition of the skin. This is a natural need of the body. It is also important to monitor the presence of vitamins in the body, try to eat properly, do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, move a lot and sleep fully. Observance of all the above points very quickly enters into a pleasant habit and becomes a natural part of everyday life. The organism, in its turn, will surely answer you with gratitude in the form of a wonderful state of health, a transformed figure and, of course, in the form of radiant, clean skin.

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