How to get rid of acne on the skin

How to get rid of acne on the skin
Acne eruptions appear mainly at a young age, when changes occur in the hormonal background. Improve the overall condition of the skin can be if you carry out a comprehensive treatment.

Contact your dermatologist if you have a lot of sore pimples on your face. Cope with the problem only by popular methods will not work. In some cases, the use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory ointments is recommended. You also need to exclude the likelihood of demodectic infection. To do this, you will need to pass scraping from the skin.

Daily cleanse the skin with antibacterial agents, best done with a brush or sponge – this will help remove excess sebum from the pores. Then wipe the face with a tonic with salicylic acid, zinc or alcohol cucumber lotion.

Take a course of treatment with the drug "Zinerit", if the expert has not appointed you anything significant, or you have not reached him before. One bottle is enough for a month of application. After 4-5 weeks you will notice visible improvements – the skin will become more even, acne will go away.

If after passing through the eels you have scars and scars left, use Skinoren gel. It is sold at pharmacies at an affordable price. Read the instructions for use carefully before the first application. The course of treatment is long – orient yourself to the condition of your skin.

Stick to a diet. Exclude from the diet flour, sweet and fatty foods, as well as smoked delicacies. Enrich the menu with fresh vegetables, fruits, boiled meat and fish. If possible, do not eat foods that contain a large amount of colorants, carcinogens and food additives. Malnutrition can also be the main cause of acne on the skin.

Обратитесь к эндокринологу, если высыпания никак не проходят. Вам назначат анализы на гормоны. Если будет обнаружено отклонение, специалист выпишет препараты. После прохождения курса лечения проблема решится, но это не означает, что регулярно очищать кожу лица не нужно. Умывайтесь минимум 2 раза в день, пользуйтесь косметикой, которая оптимально вам подходит.

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