How to get rid of acne on the forehead

How to get rid of acne on the forehead
Getting rid of known ailment – acne – goes much faster when you know its cause and how to eliminate it. The scattered information does not give a complete picture, and only a clearly formulated set of measures will bring it closer to the goal. Using elementary rules, you can save the result and permanently get rid of acne.

The intrusive acne, they are acne, and scientific acne, prevent not only to make a first impression, but also to live in peace. They are observed as teenagers, так и у людей давно вышедших из пубертатного периода.

Opinions about the reasons are divided. More commonly referred to as improper diet, citrus, polluted environment, sexual activity or vice versa. Doctors have a different opinion.
To pimples leads the wrong work of the sebaceous glands and hair pouches. Metabolism of sex hormones occurs in the skin. When the balance is broken, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, secreting more fat, which leads to skin rashes.
Imbalance of hormones can be due to natural development (in adolescents) and a violation of the endocrine system. The process of getting rid of pimples is long and time-consuming. Consider ways to solve the problem of acne.

1. Address to the dermatologist and the cosmetician. The first will prescribe a course of drugs, the second will do a face cleansing, peeling, mask.
2. Eat enough vitamin A and zinc. Zinc promotes healing wounds. Vitamin A is modified in retinoids, which are involved in the processes of thickening of the skin layer, reducing peeling, increase the intensity of cell growth, enhance immunity. The most effective ointments based on retinoic acid.
3. Соблюдайте гигиену. Вместо махрового полотенца используйте одноразовые бумажные. Чередуйте холодную и теплую воду при умывании. Не теребите лицо руками в течение дня.
4. Do a face cleansing. It is possible in domestic conditions 1-2 times a week. Well operate mask from clay, honey, mask-film.
5. Use gentle light facial care products. Often the means for problem skin overdry the skin. This leads to hypersecretion of the glands, i.e. to her great pimples of pimples. Use cleansing milk instead of soap.
6. Apply physiotherapy. Darsonvalization and ultrasound therapy devices are now available to treat skin in Home conditions. Depending on the degree of inflammation, the effect is achieved within 2x – 5 days.
7. Keep your skin hydrated. Creams, lotions, gels, masks.

An integrated approach to the problem will help to get rid of acne in a short time, the main thing is not to leave therapy after achieving the result.
Без крайней необходимости не вскрывайте прыщи! Если же вам нужна срочная помощь по удалению угрей, сделайте следующее:
1. Cleanse the face, prepare a disinfected needle, treat the pimple and the area around it with alcohol (iodine).
2. Аккуратно сбоку параллельно коже введите иглу в прыщик до середины и сделайте небольшой надрыв.
3. Remove pus, the core with a cotton swab (do not use nails).
4. Treat the wound with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, let it dry.

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