How to get rid of acne in two days

How to get rid of acne in two days
Beautiful and clean skin – the pursuit of excellence. Unfortunately, various inflammations on the face (acne, acne, pimples, etc.) often spoil our appearance. To get rid of this illness in a short time is not easy. Various recipes of folk medicine can help you.

You will need
  • – Aloe leaf;
  • – calendula (collection);
  • – honey;
  • – dandelion root (collection);
  • water.
Prepare an infusion of aloe. This plant has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Aloe juice in a short time will remove irritation from the skin and give it a healthy appearance. To make 1 infusion, cut a small leaf of the plant and rinse it well. Grind it to the consistency of gruel. Add boiled water in the ratio of 1: 5. Preheat the resulting mixture over low heat for 2-3 minutes. Ready extract infusion. Wipe the affected skin with 2-3 skin a day.

The infusion of calendula also effectively cleanses the skin, relieving pimples in short time. To prepare this remedy, you will need to collect calendula chemist's (2 tablespoons), water (1 glass). These components, mix and bring to a boil over low heat. Cover the container and leave for 30-40 minutes. After this, the prepared infusion strain. On 1 a tablespoon of the agent add 1 a tablespoon of natural honey. Obtained tincture wipe affected skin 3-4 times a day. Use this tool as a lotion. To do this, moisten the cotton swab in the tincture and attach to the inflamed place for 20-30 minutes.

Prepare the infusion based on the root of the dandelion for oral administration. Before using this tool, consult a specialist, as there are a number of contraindications. To prepare infusion of 2 tablespoons of medicinal salt pour in 2 glasses of steep boiling water. Cover the container with a tight lid and leave for 40-50 minutes. Ready infusion take 2 tablespoons before eating, 3-4 times a day. This tool is recommended with acne, skin rashes, acne and furunculosis.

When treating acne, do not forget about the right, balanced diet. If folk recipes and tips do not bring the expected result, be sure to consult with a specialist. An experienced doctor, having studied the general condition of the skin, will prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

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