How to get rid of acne in adolescence

How to get rid of acne in adolescence
During puberty, each teenager inevitably encounters the problem of appearance pimples on the face. This phenomenon is due to hormonal changes in the whole organism and is temporary. Nevertheless, the presence of blackheads causes a lot of inconvenience and provokes the appearance of complexes and insecurities. How to get rid of pimples in this period?

First, you need to think about the diet. It is necessary to limit for a while the consumption of fatty foods, sweet, salted and sour. One can also exclude from diet carbonated drinks and coffee. It is these products that contribute to the most active hormonal reorganization and can provoke unwanted rashes.

After that, you should buy cosmetics, the effect of which is directed at deep cleansing of the facial skin and matting of individual areas. It is better if the main component in their composition is tea tree oil, clay or other astringent ingredients.

Кроме того, необходимо запастись средствами декоративной cosmetics в виде пудры, тональных кремов или комбинированного вида. Но злоупотреблять этими средствами не стоит, поскольку их частое использование может способствовать пересушиванию кожи.

It is necessary to wash your face with cold water daily and once a week use scrub. Every morning and evening rub your face with an astringent tonic containing salicylic acid and делать in the forehead and cheeks area a light massage. Several times a month you can use a mask of deep impact, which will carefully clean the pores and restore the skin a fresh look for a long time.

При соблюдении данных рекомендаций, acne will not stay for a long time, the facial skin will regain its beautiful color and purity. It is important to remember that measures to combat eels should be used in a complex. In addition, under any circumstances conditions нельзя трогать прыщи грязными handsAnd furthermore crush. Such procedures should be carried out only in the cosmetic salon under the supervision of a professional doctor.

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