How to get rid of acne in a month

How to get rid of acne in a month
Acne, acne, inflamed areas – this is a small list of things that can significantly worsen the skin condition and significantly spoil the mood. If the number of formations increases, start beating the alarm and think about ways to deal with skin defects.

You will need
  • – a remedy that contains salicylic acid and zinc oxide;
  • – пилинг;
  • – complex vitamins;
  • – gels with neutral PH;
  • – cosmetic clay;
  • hydrogel.
Find the reason for the appearance pimples, because only so you can stop the process of their education. They can appear due to improper skin care, hormonal failure or because of the use of medications. To make an accurate diagnosis, consult a dermatologist.

Getting rid of pimples start by adjusting the power. Exclude from your diet salty, fried, sweet and smoked. Daily eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts and cereals. In addition, take complex vitamins.

Start to external effects on the skin. First clean it. To do this, buy a product that contains salicylic acid and zinc oxide. Also you can use special cosmetics, for example, peeling. But in this case you need to choose makeup for your skin type.

After cleaning the face, wash it with a little cool water. For washing, you can use special gels with neutral PH. Remember that you need to wash your face twice a day.

Два раза в неделю делайте маску для лица. Для этого вы используйте косметическую глину, так как она способна «вытянуть» скопившееся кожное сало из закупоренных пор.

After the mask, always moisturize the skin, even if it is oily. For this you use hydrogels.

Get rid of pimples в short time you can at the cosmetician. It is he who, evaluating the condition of the skin, will prescribe complex treatment and the necessary procedures. For example, in clinics apply the so-called oxygen-ozone mixture in conjunction with electrocoagulation. The course of treatment is about 6 days.

You can also be prescribed phototherapy. This procedure is that the beautician directs light on the problem area. The beam destroys the bacteria, improving blood microcirculation.

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