How to get rid of acne and black spots on the face

How to get rid of acne and black spots on the face
Acne rashes spoil the appearance of a person regardless of gender, age and social status. Proper skin care will help you get rid of the hated blacks tocek on Facial.

You will need
  • – oat flakes;
  • – boric acid;
  • – kefir;
  • – egg white;
  • – Sugar;
  • – a cucumber;
  • – honey;
  • – salt;
  • – soap;
  • – oat flakes;
  • – Beans;
  • – Coffee grounds;
  • – Aloe;
  • – glycerol;
  • – lemon juice.
To get rid of black points it is possible by means of masks for the face. Grind off 1 st.l. oat flakes, add 5 drops of boric acid and a little kefir. The resulting gruel is applied to the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. After drying the mask, wash it off with warm water.

In egg white, dissolve 1 st.l. Sahara. Divide the mixture into two parts. Apply the first part to the face and leave to dry completely, then apply the second part. Do patting movements with the pads of your fingers until the mass stops sticking to your hands, and then wash it off.

Grind the fresh cucumber and pour it with a glass of boiling water. Put the mixture on a water bath for 15-20 minutes, then cool it and strain. Mix cucumber with 1 tsp. honey. Apply the mask to the skin for 30-40 minutes.

Bring the skin in order to help scrubs. Take a small cotton wool and soak it until a thick foam forms. Pour some fine salt on the foam. Wipe cotton face skin for 2-3 minutes, then leave the foam on the skin for another 2 minutes. After the procedure, wash with cool water.

Mix 1 tsp. crushed oatmeal, with 1.L. fragmented beans and with ? tsp. of fine salt. Add to the mixture a little coffee grounds, 1 st.l. sour cream and mix thoroughly. Treat with scrub the problem areas of the skin.

Prepare the lotion from the black dots. Crush several leaves of aloe and fill them with 300 g of cold water. Leave the infusion for 1-2 for an hour at room temperature, then boil it. When the infusion is completely cool, strain it. Use this lotion daily.

Rasparivayte face before the procedures. For steaming, the infusions of medicinal herbs (chamomile, linden, sage) are especially suitable,

After the procedures, wipe the face with glycerin, lemon juice and water mixed in equal proportions. This mixture will well moisturize the skin and dissolve residues of contaminants.

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