How to get rid of acne after acne

How to get rid of acne after acne
Despite the abundance of creams and gels for fighting acne, often the footprints remain on the site of inflamed pores and sometimes cause a lot of trouble. Mask redness – problematic. But it is possible to remove them at home. For sure in your kitchen there is everything you need for one of the many recipes.

You will need
  • – White clay;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – honey;
  • – cinnamon;
  • – green clay;
  • – Rosemary oil;
  • – Cucumber juice;
  • – Cucumber lotion;
  • – alcohol;
  • – Apple vinegar.
Возьмите половину столовой ложки косметической белой глины и смешайте с двумя чайными ложками сока лимона. Полученную смесь нанесите на места покраснений и держите, не смывая около пятнадцати минут. After then gently remove the remnants of the mask with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Lemon has a powerful whitening effect, and white clay has a calming effect on the skin. In this case, redness becomes much less noticeable, and the inflamed period заживает.

For more careful removal of residual inflammation, use a more gentle mask. Take one tablespoon of honey, and a little cinnamon. Blend the mixture thoroughly until the components are completely dissolved in each other. The resulting mass of cotton buds apply to traces of acne. Keep this mask will need a little longer – remove the mixture from the skin can be only after 20 minutes after application. Despite the fact that this mask will be viscous enough, and it will be difficult to erase it, do not rub the skin. It is better to moisten the cotton swab in more warm water.

It helps in the fight against traces after pimples and green clay. 0,5 tablespoon green clay dilute with cold water so that a creamy mass is obtained, add a few drops of rosemary oil to it. Apply the mixture to damaged areas for 10 minutes. After you wash the mask, apply a moisturizer to your face. Full course – 4 masks every other day. If necessary, repeat the course in 2 weeks.

Большой эффективностью обладают маски из огурца. Следы от акне буквально на глазах становятся бледнее, воспаление уходит, краснота спадает. Приобретите огуречный лосьон в косметическом магазине. Или приготовьте огуречный сок самостоятельно, а затем добавьте к нему небольшое количество спирта. Нанесите полученный раствор ватным тампоном на пораженные воспалениями места, и оставьте на несколько минут. После чего аккуратно смойте теплой водой. Приобретенный в магазине косметики огуречный лосьон можно не смывать.

Используйте разведенный водой яблочный уксус (3:1) для умывания по утрам. Если у вас рубцы from acne old, moisten a gauze napkin in such a solution and apply on face for 5 minutes. Inflamed places will become much less noticeable, reddening will come down.

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