How to get rid of a strong tan

How to get rid of a strong tan
The beach season is just around the corner. Companies of girls and boys will put their bodies to the scorching sun in the hope of getting chocolate tan. But not always the result corresponds to expectations. Unfortunately, sometimes a tan does not lie as you want. Brambles swimsuit, солнечные очки и даже использование косметики могут служить причинами, по которым загар ляжет пятнами. А если лежать на пляже в дневное время, запросто можно обгореть или переборщить с загаром. Что делать в этом случае? Можно ждать несколько недель, пока загар не сойдет сам, или постараться избавиться от него подручными средствами.

Folk remedies

Advantage of folk remedies before cosmetic in their naturalness. Some products are not only inferior cosmetics on the effectiveness of the action, but also cause less harm to the skin.

The bleaching action is lemon juice. Use it in its pure form is not recommended because of the corrosive effects of citric acid. However, you can prepare a tonic, mixing the juice of lemon and cucumber. This mixture needs to wipe the place of an unsuccessful tan. If you mix lemon juice with yogurt or low-fat sour cream, you will get an effective whitening mask.

Unlike lemon, cucumber can be used alone. Or cut it with plates and apply to the place of sunburn, or rub it on a fine grater and apply as a mask.

Potato juice also has a whitening effect. Potatoes must be grated and, without draining the juice, apply the resulting gruel to the skin.

To get rid of sunburn, you can use parsley. It is necessary to finely chop the juicy stems and squeeze out the juice from them. After rubbing the skin, you should wash yourself with cool water.

Cosmetical tools

From cosmetic means to get rid of sunburn will help a variety of peelings and scrubs. Any means for your skin type will do. Instead of scrub, you can use a hard sponge. These procedures will exfoliate the top layer of the skin along with an unwanted tan.

In the arsenal of many cosmetics firms there are creams and lotions with whitening effect. When choosing such a tool, you should pay attention to the composition. When using acids, you must always use a protective cream with a UV filter.

To get rid of redness, if the skin is scorched, it is recommended to use "Panthenol". The product will help alleviate pain and very quickly restore the skin, removing redness.

Sometimes the problem is easier to prevent, than then to seek out. The best time for tanning is from 9 to 11 in the morning and after 16 hours of the day. At this time, the risk of getting burns is much lower, and tanning falls more evenly. The use of sunscreens will also do good.

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